Card Game of War - Presented by Rival Gaming

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War Instructions

First of all, I'm sorry for the scrollbar; the flash game won't fit horizontally on the screen. However, you won't have to use the scrollbar in order to play this game. If you really want to see the cards being dealt from the deck, just scroll over slightly.

You will need to bet at least $10 in order to Deal a hand. If you receive a higher card than the dealer, you will win. If the dealer gets a higher card, you lose.

If you tie with the dealer, you will have the option to go to War or Surrender. You should always choose to go to War, even though it means placing a second bet. You have a 50/50 chance of winning the War and the casino has no advantage that would make surrendering a good idea.

But, you have already done several other versions of casino war. Why another one? Good question; because this one is slightly different than the others:


You have an option to bet on a Tie. If you place a bet on the Tie, the next hand must go to War in order to win. If you do go to war, you will win 10 to 1 on your bet. A $5 bet as in the example above will win you $50. However, you should understand that the odds are in the casino's favor with this bet. You win 10 to 1, but the odds are 13 to 1.


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