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Joker Poker Instructions

Joker Poker can be found at most online casinos and at every land based casino that you will find. This is a simple one wild card game with a 53 card deck. There is one Joker which can be used to substitute for any other card. Because of this feature, the minimum hand that you will need to win is raised to a pair of Kings or better.


The pay schedule is completely different than Jacks or better as is the strategy, which is listed below. A pair of Kings, Aces or Two Pairs will only pay you back the money you wagered. You will need to receive a Three of a Kind or better before you win money on your bet. You can see the Joker Poker pay chart listed below.


Joker Poker Strategy

Here is the basic strategy for playing Joker Poker. It is ordered from least imporant to most important hand.

  1. Five cards that are ranked Queen or lower with no connectors - Discard all cards.
  2. One of the five cards is a King or Ace and no pairs - Discard the other four cards.
  3. You have a pair ranked Queen or lower - Discard the other three cards.
  4. You have an Ace and a King - Discard the other three cards.
  5. You have three cards to a straight flush - Discard the other three cards.
  6. You have four cards to a straight - Discard the other card.
  7. You have four cards to a flush - Discard the card with another suit.
  8. You have three cards to a royal flush - Discard the other two cards.
  9. You have a Pair of Kings or Better - Discard the other cards if necessary.
  10. You have four cards to a straight flush - Discard the other card.
  11. You have a four of a kind - Discard the other card.
  12. You have a pat hand (Flush, Straight, Full House, Five of a Kind) - No Discard.
  13. You have four cards to a Royal Flush - Discard the other card.

If you have a Royal Flush, you obviously shouldn't discard.


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