Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker Instructions

Jacks or Better is the original video poker game and it can be found at every online casino that offers video poker. The game is just a simple version of 5 card draw poker. You have to receive a minimum hand in order to win on the bet that you have placed.

In this games, as well as many other, the lowest hand that you need to receive is a Pair of Jacks. A pair of 10's will not win unless you are playing the Tens or better poker game. However, you need to realize that the payout for a Pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces is 1x or even money.

An even money payout means that you are receiving the same amount back that you bet, so there is no winnings involved when you receive a high pair. You will need to receive 2 Pair or better in order to make money on your wager.


This is the current proper pay schedule for Jacks or better video poker. If you are playing a Jacks or Better game that does not have this table, stop playing at that online casino. This is a technique that I have seen before. Usually, the Flush will be 5x instead of 6x or the Full House is less than 9x. I've also seen the 4 of a Kind pay out at 20x.

This is also the pay chart that all other games that use a pair of Jacks or higher as the minimum winning hand. All payouts will more or less even out. Some payouts will be increased and others will be decreased to compensate.

Jacks or Better Strategy

Here is the proper strategy for playing Jacks or better. Go through the list and see what matches your hand. It goes in order of least importance to most important.

  1. Five cards lower than Jack with no connectors - Discard all five cards.
  2. One out of Five cards is Jack or Higher - Discard the other four cards.
  3. Suited Jack/Ten, Queen/Ten, King/Ten - Discard the other three cards.
  4. Two out of Five cards are Jack of Higher - Discard the other three cards.
  5. You have 3 cards to a Straight Flush - Discard the other two cards.
  6. You have 2 suited cards that are Jacks or Higher - Discard the other three cards.
  7. Four cards to an straight (inside draw) - Discard the one card.
  8. You have a low pair - Discard the other three cards.
  9. Four cards to a flush - Discard the one card of a different suit.
  10. You have 3 cards to a Royal Flush - Discard the other two cards.
  11. Pair of Jacks or Better - Discard the other three cards.
  12. You have 2 Pair - Discard the other card.
  13. Four cards to a straight flush - Discard the other card.
  14. Three of a Kind - Discard the other two cards.
  15. Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind dealt - No Discard.
  16. You have Four cards to a Royal Flush - Discard the other card.

Obviously, if you receive the Royal Flush off of the draw, you shouldn't discard.

If you would like to play another game that uses Jacks or better as the minimum hand, find out which hand will give you a bonus and which payouts are lowered. Then, compare that hand to the list. You should adjust your play accordingly to try to get the payout for the Bonus hand.


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