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Double Jackpot Video Poker Instructions

Double Jackpot Poker is a version of the traditional Jacks or Better game. In this variant, there are a couple of changes to the pay schedule. There are a couple of bonuses for receiving a Four of a Kind.

The bonuses are for the following hands: 4 Aces with a King, Queen or Jack kicker - 160 to 1 payout. 4 Aces will payout 80 to 1 on your wager. Four of a Kind of Kings, Queens or Jacks with a kicker of Ace/King/Queen/Jack will payout 80 to 1. Four of a Kind in Kings, Queens or Jacks will payout 40 to 1.

The other payouts have been reduced slightly. This includes the following: Other 4 of a Kinds (20x instead of 25x), Full House (8x instead of 9x), Flush (5x instead 6x).


Like most of the video poker games offered here, you can play a side game if you win on your wager. The side game is double or nothing that you will select a higher card (or tie) than the dealer has showing.


You can play this side game multiple times. However, you will have a very good chance of losing if the dealer's card is a Queen, King or Ace. There doesn't necessarily have to be a winning card out of the four cards that are available.


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