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Double Double Jackpot Instructions

Double Double Jackpot Poker is a version of the traditional Jacks or Better video poker game. The only difference is with the pay chart. There are several 4 of a Kind combinations that will give you a bonus payout.

Four of a Kind in 2's through 10's is up to a 50 to 1 payout. 4 of a Kind in Kings, Queens or Jacks is 80 to 1 payout. There is also a 150 to 1 payout for the following combinations: 4 Aces or 4 Kings, Queens or Jacks with a kicker of Ace/King/Queen/Jack. The normal payout for 4 of a Kind is 25 to 1.

There is a also a small bonus for receiving a Straight (5x instead of 4x). There is only one payout that is reduced - the 2 Pair payout is down to even money. This means that you will only win money on your bet if you receive a 3 of a Kind or higher.


You can play a side game for this video poker variation as well. The side game should be familiar if you have played any of the other video poker games here. It is double or nothing on the wager that you won.


Simply pick a card that is the same rank or higher than the first card that is shown. You can play this side game multiple times. The 2 is the lowest card and the Ace is the highest.


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