Deuces Wild Video Poker

Video Poker Instructions

  1. Select a coin value by pressing the up and down arrows in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Select a bet level between 1 and 5; this will increase the amount of your betting and payouts.
  3. Press the Deal button if you are satisfied with the coin value and betting level.
  4. Press Max Bet if you want to only bet the maximum level, it will automatically deal you cards.
  5. You need to get at least a three of a kind or better in order to win. Only pairs and twos should be held, unless you are going for a straight or flush.

If you win, you will have the choice whether to cash in and go on to the next hand or you can Gamble for the chance to win more money or lose what you've won.


You will see the Gamble button light up and you can take your chance to guess the next card

You will get paid even money if you can guess the correct color and you will be paid 2 to 1 if you guess the correct suit. You can only pick one or the other.


If you win, you will get another chance to gamble again. To exit the game, press the Collect button

You see that if you can get lucky a couple of times in a row, you will get a very big payout. But its very risky. Your natural chance of getting three correct colors in a row is 1 in 8. Three straight suits is a 1 in 64 occurrence.

Deuces Wild Strategy

If you like to play free deuces wild, here are some obvious stats, but ones that may be useful anyways:

There are 4 twos in the deck or 1 out of every 13 cards. You should get a deuce in your starting hand every 2.6 hands. If you get rid of all five cards, a deuce should come every 11.75 cards.

Your will have a 1 in 121 chance of getting two deuces after you get rid of all five cards.

I've already told you the main strategy to use. You should hold on to pairs and any 2 that you get. Beyond that, here is what you should know:

  • All completed hands need to be held - This includes flushes, straights, full houses or higher
  • No pairs, no twos - Here is what you should keep if you have it in your hand (in order of priority):
    1. 3 cards to a Royal Flush
    2. 4 cards to a Flush
    3. 4 cards to an outside straight
    4. 3 cards to a Straight Flush
    5. 4 cards to an inside straight unless you already have a 2 in your hand
    6. 2 cards to a Royal Flush
    Otherwise, you need to redraw and hope for a couple of twos.
  • One deuce in hand - Here is what you should keep:
    1. 4 cards to a Royal Flush
    2. 4 to a straight flush with three natural connectors
    3. 3 of a kind
    4. Any other 4 to a straight flush
    5. 3 to a royal flush
    6. 3 to a straight flush if the two other cards are connectors
    7. Only keep the deuce
  • Two deuces in hand - Here is what to keep:
    1. Any pat four of a kind or higher
    2. 4 to a Royal flush
    3. 4 to a straight flush if the two other cards are connectors
    4. Only keep the two deuces

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