Deuces and Joker Video Poker

Deuces and Joker Video Poker Instructions

Deuces and Joker is a unique video poker game that isn't offered at most online casinos. This game offers a total of 5 wild cards which can be substituted with any other card in the deck. Since there are 5 wild cards, the minimum winning hand is 3 of a Kind.

Besides the extra wild card, the only other thing that makes this game different than deuces wild is the pay schedule. Since you are receive a large advantage by getting an extra wild card, many of the payouts are lowered to reflect this advantage.

For example, the Full House and 4 of a Kind are both lowered from 4x to 3x. The Straight Flush is lowered from 9x to the 6x. The 5 of a Kind is lowered from 15x to 9x. The Wild Royal Flush is lowered from 20x to 12x. Four Deuces is lowered from 200x to 25x.

This is a lot of lowered payouts. However, this makes the strategy for this game fairly easy:

  1. Hold all 2's or Joker
  2. Hold four cards to a Royal Flush
  3. Hold any pat hand (don't need any cards)
  4. Hold four cards to a straight or flush
  5. Hold any pair that you receive

If you did not receive any of the options above, discard all five cards and hope for some wild cards to help you out.


There is another side game that is offered. It works the same as the others. The first card is flipped over and the you have to pick a higher card from the four remaining cards. Tie or get a higher ranking card and you win. You can play this game more than once.



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