Aces & 8s Video Poker

You can play this video poker game for real money at LuckyNugget Casino.

Aces & 8s Video Poker Instructions

Many of these different video game types are just variations of Jacks or Better. The rules for the game are identical. A pair of Jacks or Better wins. However, the payout charts are the thing that differs between these games.

In Aces and 8s, the bonus is received when you get a 4 of a Kind in Aces or 8s. The is a lesser bonus for receiving a 4 of a Kind in 7s. These payouts are 80x payout and 50x payout respecitvely compared to the 25x payout that is normal for these hands.

For receiving this bonus, you will have a lower payment for the Full House (7x payout instead of 9x) and the Flush (5x payout instead of 6x). The only strategy that you will change is that you will go for these bonus hands when you have a pair of 7s, 8s or Aces. It is up to you if you want to break up a better hand to go after the 4 of a kind.


Playing the game is simple. Click the "Bet Max" button to receive your cards and have a chance at the Jackpot bonus. You can also click "Bet One" to select less than 5 coins. If you do this, click Deal to receive your cards.

You will be able to hold any, all or none of your cards. Click Deal when you are ready to receive your cards. Then, your five card hand will be compared against the paychart and you will receive a payment on your bet if you have won.


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