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I am adding some new video poker games to this website. You can find links to all of these games on the sidebar to the right. It may take a little while before I get a proper tutorial and strategy for each of video poker games. I've moved the original Deuces Wild video poker game off of this page into its own page, so you can still play free deuces wild game that was located here.

New! - I have added a Multi Hand Video Poker (MHVP) section to the website. There is a total of 64 different video poker games with a range of hands that can be play (between 3 and 100 hands on one wager). You can check out these games here.

Below, you will be able to find 35 different variations of video poker. These are all of the different video poker games that I could find.

Free Video Poker Machines

10's or Better
2 Ways Royal
Aces & 8's
Aces and Eights
Aces and Faces
All Aces
All American
Bonus Deuces Wild
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Deuces & Joker
Deuces Wild
Double Bonus Poker
Double Double Bonus Poker
Double Jackpot Poker
Double Double Jackpot Poker
Double Joker
Golden Flush
Jacks or Better
Jacks Show
Joker Poker
Joker Wild
Jokers Wild Deluxe
Loose Deuces
Louisiana Double
Pyramid Aces and Faces
Pyramid Bonus Deluxe Poker
Pyramid Bonus Poker
Pyramid Deuces Wild Poker
Pyramid Double Bonus Poker
Pyramid Double Jackpot Poker
Pyramid Jacks or Better
Pyramid Joker Poker
Tens or Better
Wild Sevens

Video Poker Payout Charts

What you will find is that many of these games have the same rules as Jacks or Better: 52 card deck, no wild cards and you need a pair of jacks or better to win on your bet.

The biggest differences between these games are the payout charts that are listed. You may see the word "bonus" in front of video poker and might wonder what that means. Basically, there is a bonus awarded for one of the higher ranked hands, like a Full House or 4 of a Kind. The alternative is that you may see a prize for a special hand such as getting 4 Aces in Double Bonus Poker.

However, every game where you need to get a pair of jacks or better to win will have about the same payout percentage. That means that there will be a small payout for other hands like a Straight or Flush. Be aware that the goal in these games is to win the Bonus payout that is offered. That is the reason that the game is offered at all.

You need to know which hand you are trying to get when you are playing at a video poker machine. Each machine will have a hand that gives a better payout in comparison to Jacks or Better; it may be anything from the 3 of a Kind up to a Royal Flush bonus.  Note that these games are quite different then texas holdem and omaha poker. Understand the rules behind the omaha game and start to play!

Wild Cards in Video Poker

Another difference you will see with some video poker games is the minimum qualify hand to win on your bet. This will change according to the number of wild cards that are included in the deck. Games like deuces wild will have the same 52 card deck, but there will be 4 wild cards. This will mean you will need to get at least a 3 of a Kind or better in order to win on your wager.

Some video poker machines will include 1 Joker, 2 Jokers, 4 wild cards, 4 wild cards and a Joker and I've even seen 4 wild cards and 2 jokers before. With one joker, you can expect the minimum winning hand to be a pair of Kings. Two jokers will mean that you will need to get at least 2 pairs to win. If you have more than 4 wild cards, you may either be required to get a higher ranked 3 of a Kind (like three 7's or higher) or the payouts will be lower for the higher ranking hands.

The important thing to note again is that the payout percentages on most video poker machines are very close to each other. That means the more you get an advantage, the more the rules or payout charts are changed to make your overall odds of winning about the same.


Free Video Poker Games

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