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The most remarkable Marvel legend today, a man born with super hero senses and with the ability to cure any wound, the one who was seized and was provided with a non-breakable claws and skeleton, Wolverine has hacked his way through books, movies, cartoons, comics, and even video games. Today, he even has his very own slot machine. Who would not know about Wolverine? 

Theme of the Game

Mega blockbuster movie series X Men and Wolverine still fascinates everyone with their exciting series. Therefore, the same idea took shape in the form of Wolverine Slot Machine game. Everyone is thrilled in the same manner when the movie was shown. 

With perfect combination of animation and graphics, the slot gives the player a complete new gaming experience, moreover, special features like progressive Marvel Jackpot, legendary superheroes, and extra power bonuses which provide both wealth and enjoyment to the players.

The main objective of the game is to spin the reels in order to obtain a winning combination.

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How to Play?

Wolverine Slot Machine is created with 5-reels and 25-bet lines. This only means that you have only five spinning reels so you can create your winning combinations. All of the 25 pay lines are automatically chosen. Remember that the pay line should not be below 25, or else, it cannot be played. Also, the more payline you have the more chances of winning the jackpot. 

All you need to do is to spin the reels by simply clicking the “Spin” button. 

This slot machine has soaring wilds and bonuses which offer free spin with intensifying jackpot.

The Wolverine is considered as the Wild which is also a joker symbol. It can stretch out as much as 3 reels as the maximum and could convert the item aside from the scatters, berserker rage, and adamantium. 

When wilds are used, then there is that great possibility of winning the combination. 

The slot machine also has a scatter manifested with a Wolverine text symbol. It does not need to appear in the payline. However, when more than 3 scatter will appear on the reels, more money will be generated. 

The Berserker Rage text can only be seen on the 5th reel and it is also a bonus. When it appears, the player can avail of a free spin. 

Adamantium is a radioactive sparkling compound found in all parts of the reels and can potentially ensure that in case the player may end up over 3 Adamantium, he will be given 12 totally free spins.

All in all, there is still a great possibility to win the jackpot because there is a marvel jackpot. It is available all throughout the game no matter how small your bet is. 

Special Features 

The symbols and icons used in Wolverine Slot Machine are from the history of the character. It comprises scatter symbols like Jean Grey, who we remember having a secret attraction to him since then, but love refuses both of them. 

Another awesome bonus showcase of the game is the death match between Saber tooth and Wolverine. A player would probably get more money and bonuses all the way through the death match. Saber tooth will not be forgotten as a serial killer and the long-time enemy of Wolverine. When Saber tooth appears at least three times in the five reels, then the Wolverine vs. Sabertooth Bonus Feature game will be activated.

Although the Wolverine is a wild, it cannot be used as a substitute for Saber tooth in order to activate the feature. When the feature is activated, the screen will change. Both should fight until death. The best in this feature is that the player can select a style to fight the enemy. If the attack is successful, then there is a chance to win a bonus prize. If Saber tooth is defeated, another bonus prize will be received. When the game is finished, the screen will be returned to the regular Wolverine Slot Machine Feature. 

The icon of Logan, which is the other name of Wolverine and a lot more like Dog Tags, X-rays, claws, claw mark, and costume claws are also featured. Each and every one has its own significances. The scatter symbols may generate bonuses and prices depending on the combinations. The pay-out differs from time to time and it should be accompanied with appropriate sequences of symbols. There is a higher possibility of winning when there is a higher bet.

The Wolverine Slot Machine also consists of an extreme and exclusive features like radioactive adamantium , which would definitely yield additional bonuses.

Furthermore, the game is equipped with an auto play feature. Hence, the player can exclusively give full attention to his bets. The only thing to do is to select the con size, the number of pay lines, and the number of spins that you want to play. 

There are innovative marvel jackpot, wonderful graphics, re-spin bonuses, and authentic looking heroes which are undoubtedly the remarkable features of the game.

Maximum Win 

The player can select the suitable betting level from the predefined levels offered.

The winning will still depend on the bet. At some point, the range will be from the minimum bet of $0.01 to the maximum bet of $25. The maximum win in Wolverine Slot Machine is 3000 coins. 

Where to Play this Slot 

You can visit Vegas Paradise Casino or Jackpot Paradise Casino to play the Wolverine Slot Machine. You can certainly have the best gaming experience in these casinos.


April 9, 2012
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