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A wedding can be a big moment in anyone's life but sometimes it can get to be a little bit out of hand. From a nervous groom to whining bridesmaids all the way to the scary grandfather and the giddy flower girl, a wedding can truly become insane. The Wacky Wedding slot machine is one such game that celebrates the beauty and outright insanity that can come about during any wedding.

This is a game that has a fun cartoon design to it and has plenty of full-screen animations all around. These include a variety of fun animations of many of the characters featured all around the entire game. This will make it a very fun and appealing game for all to check out and try for any desire one might hold while playing this rather unique game.

How To Play?

The game has twenty paylines and five reels. A player can spend as little as five cents on a line and up to five dollars on each. This can result in total bets that can go up to fifty dollars in value.

The game has many cartoony symbols plus a series of different special symbols. The wedding ring is a jackpot symbol that can result in big payouts. Meanwhile, the wedding cake can be used as a wild symbol while the champagne bottle is the scatter symbol. A bouquet can also be used as the bonus symbol that will trigger the bonus round.

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Special Features

The special features of the Wacky Wedding slot machine are especially varied. First, there is the expanding wild. The wedding cake can be a wild symbol but it will become an expanded symbol that can cover the entire third reel if it shows up there.

A player who gets three or more champagne scatter symbols will get ten free spins. That will increase to twenty spins for four symbols and up to 75 spins for five of these symbols. Also, a player will get a three-times multiplier for all of these free spins.

Meanwhile, a player with three or more bouquet icons will get into the bonus round. The bonus round will require the player to toss the bouquet to any person on the screen. A player can get thousands of coins off of a single bonus game.

Maximum Win

A player can get 1,500 times one's spin by getting five jackpot symbols. This can especially be big if that player gets more a much larger bet at the start of the game. The possibility for a player get thousands of coins off of the bonus game is also very strong but the total winnings that can come about will vary based on the particular game that one wants to play while on this particular slot.

Where To Play This Slot

The Wacky Wedding slot machine can be found at the Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot City Casino. Both of these online casinos offer some big ways for people to win lots of money. This is perfect for those who are looking for ways to win big and have fun while doing so.


April 9, 2012
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