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A remarkable initiative by Win a Day, Tropical Treat is a video slot game that has got many players hooked. It is not only a 5-reel slot machine but it is also a 50-payline game that is progressive. If you are looking for a slot game with vibrant photographs and catchy video clips, this is just the game for you. The five reels are normally arranged loosely so as to imitate a photo collage. Also bordering the reels are beautiful and breathtaking flowers, which depict the wild. The tropical backdrop is meant to tickle your fancy if you want a serene and peaceful experience when you play. 

Theme of the Game 

The symbols used on the five reels of the game are those of items and activities present in a typical tropical beach. You should expect to see scenes out of a beach holiday, including surfers, families and friends bonding, dancers, compasses and sea planes.

Also included in the reels are photos and video clips of hula dancers and sun-kissed cocktail drinkers. Fish and other sea animals also feature in the game. Most players also appreciate the music variety that comes with the visuals. The music choice is also influenced by the tropical beach experience, making it very memorable to players of the game.

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How to Play 

Anyone who plays the Tropical Treat slot game is expected to make a bet. The game has specific betting options and denominations for players. A player is allowed to bet any amount from $ 0.01 to $ 4 on one spin. The money you bet will then be added and combined with one of the 50 paylines so as to create a potential winning range.

This possible winning range can be between 2x to 1 000x. For new Tropical Treat players, this betting technique us favorable. The method also appeals to those who would like to wager huge amounts of money and have a good time while at it.

Special Features 

One of the special features of Tropical Treat is that, if a player gets three “Free Spin” symbols on a reel, he or she wins ten free spins. To achieve even bigger wins, players purpose to win multipliers. The slot game also has two wild icons which can be substituted to create a winning combination. The game also feature the double wild symbol which doubles any win. To top it all, every winner has a possibility of winning the ultimate $ 50, 000 jackpot. 

Maximum Win

The maximum Tropical Treat win is $ 50 000 and it can be achieved by a player who is keen on getting free spins and bonuses. 

Where to Play this Slot

The best places to play the Tropical Treat video slot game is at Vegas Paradise Casino. Most players also prefer playing it at Jackpot Paradise Casino.

If you love slot games, the Tropical Treat is the best treat for you. Instead of traveling all the way to a beach, why not experience it from the comfort of your home? The game is both fun and exciting and there is no better way of winning the coveted jackpot! 


April 9, 2012
I have broken up the many different video slots that I am featuring here into different sections. This section is basically a miscellaneous section with cute themes, sports themes and more.

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