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The theme of this game is the critically acclaimed movie, “The Godfather”. It involves Vegas mobsters of organized crime units, during the 1940’s era. Anyone can play, as the Slotfather Slot Machine game attracts lovers of many movie genres, including thrillers, action, humor, or the straight up game lover who would like to dabble with 5 reels of action! In addition to the many mobster pictures which set the mood of the Slotfather on the reels, there is also Godfather/Slotfather theme music available, so that the participant is immersed in visual and audible stimulation as well.

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How to Play?

The participant either presses “Spin” or “Max Bet” to start playing Slotfather Slot Machine. The player may also choose to click on Autoplay at the top center of the game, located to the left of “The Slotfather” title.

The participant of the Slotfather Slot Machine game is able to place a wager of up to 5 coins for each payline, with the minimum to maximum wager being $0.02-$150 each spin. This wager can be made for up to 30 paylines. The maximum wager can also be placed by clicking on the “Max Bet tab”, located on the blue hat which is the furthest hat to the right at the bottom of the screen. To select lines and place a bet per line, the customer can easily click on one of the 2 hats to the left of the blue “Max Bet” hat.

The player can also view the credits for their balance, how much they have bid, what they have one, and additional credits at the bottom left of the screen. There is also a sound off button for the customer who enjoys playing in a quiet room, with no theme music in the background.

Special Features 

Hot bonuses included in the Slotfather Slot Machine game are the simple bonus round, the underboss scatter bonus, the sneaky instant win bonus, and the mob bonus. 

In order to qualify for the simple bonus round, the participant would need to have at least 3 slotfather symbols for one payline. The player must complete a task for the slotfather before meeting with the Slotfather and receiving the credit bonus.

If the player has 5 underboss symbols on one payline, the player may receive the underboss scatter bonus, which is up to 5,000 credits! 

If a sneaky gangster (Sammy Quickfingers) is seen on either side of the briefcase symbol on the first 3 paylines, the player may win extra cash. Sammy Quickfingers then reaches into the briefcase to obtain a wad of cash, to grant to the player, as instant bonus credits.

The mob bonus has a little more thrill to it. If a gangster (Frankie da Fixer) appears with a Tommygun, spurting bullets throughout the screen, the player can then choose a bullet by clicking on a bullet hole. The participant then receives a free spin for each bullet, as well as a multiplier.

This multiplier comes in handy when there are multiple numbers of paylines that display this bonus. For example, if the player receives 3 free spins, the multiplier will multiply this number by the amount the player had chosen with the bullet, for 1-3x the amount of the original line win.

Maximum Win 

The maximum win for the consumer of the Slotfather Slot Machine game is $5,000! This payout amount is available if the consumer has qualifying symbols per payline from left to right.

Where to play this Slot

Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino are two recommended locations to play the Slotfather Slot Machine game.


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