Terminator 2 - Play for Free

Based on the iconic film by David Cameron, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Microgaming proudly presents The Terminator 2 Slot Machine. The slot game encapsulates scenes from the film. It features top quality 3D graphics and animation and features impressive soundtracks.

With its metallic overlays on the reels, symbols and robotic animations, the Terminator 2 Slot Machine provides quite an experience to the soulful gamer. 

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How To Play?

A grim, dark, mechanical futuristic feel greets players as they begin the game. The T-800 Vision feature is easily activated randomly by non-winning spins. You will play as the Terminator and scan for potential prey. The T-1000 symbol pays out a hefty cash bonus and is scanned last. All usage of high end symbolisms and characters will see the players receiving a cash reward. 

What you need to look out for is the scatter symbol. By using just one of these, the Free Spins feature will be automatically triggered, which will pay off during the progression of the game.  

Special Features 

The Terminator 2 Slot Machine contains these special features and bonuses: 

The 5 reel machine features characters from the acclaimed movie. The two main characters are John and Sarah Connor. It also uses other characters from the film such as the terminators, the T-1000, T-800 and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s terminator.

The Free Spins feature awards 10 free spins to the player. The T-1000 functionality is what makes this feature in the Terminator 2 slot Machine interesting. The T-1000 symbol functions in such a way that it transforms in part, a winning spin, to change into a different character or symbol to maximise your winnings and provide you with a greatest combination. 

The Terminator 2 Slot Machine is setup with 1024 ways to win which provides numerous winning opportunities to players. It features a generous list of bonuses and special symbols which rewards players with a pocket full of coins. 

Maximum Win 

There are 1024 different ways to win in this game! Win up to $7,500 in jackpot up to a whopping $15,000 with bonuses. Bet on $150 for 5 electric scatter symbols. This will ambush a steel convoy and reward you $15,000.

Click on designated links to learn more on the features of this slot game. The slot machine will keep track of the chamber of spins progress. The lower coin values range from $0.01 to $0.50. With the help of T2 logos on the wilds that appear on your screen, you can maximize your winnings to $15,000. 

Where To Play this Slot?

The Terminator 2 Slot Machine is exclusively available for online play at Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino. These user friendly sites allow you to play this slot machine anytime and anywhere, at the convenience of your own home. These hassle free sites provide a safe platform to play. 

This addictive slot machine is one to keep you occupied for hours and is sure to engage, and intrigue your mind and emotions. All in all, this top notch state of the art slot machine can reward you beautifully for your enthusiasm and efforts.

Paired with graphics and soundtracks that are of its finest nature, the Terminator 2 Slot Machine is an experience you will crave for time and time again. It also provides a great balance on winnings, which is a sure bonus to any challenge lover! 


April 9, 2012
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