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Super Eighties Slot Machine is a video slot game, which can give the player a lot of thrills and pleasure. It is, in fact, one of the most popular games being played on the net, these days. Check out the Super Eighties Slot Machine review to find out more details about the game.

Theme of the game

The Super Eighties will surely take you back to the vibrant and colourful 80s. With 5 reel, 4 rows, and 40 lines, the video slot game is designed for players, who wish to win large amount of money. The winning combinations of the game get increased with the feature of Stacked Wilds. 

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How to Play?

There are 5 spinning reels in this game. And, these can be used for forming the winning combinations. So, every time, a player puts in a coin, the player would be able to enable a pay-line. As soon as the reels stop moving, the computer will check the symbol combinations, along each and every enabled pay line, and will decide the winner.

Special Features:

1.The Super Eighties slot game is a free game, and can also be played for real money. 

2.The game has 3 animated scatter symbols, which help in activating the feature of free spins. And, these free spins can help in doubling up the wins. 

3.There are also Stacked Wild symbols available, which help in improving the winning combinations.

4.The Free spin game for bonus round can help in multiplying the winning combinations by 2 times.

5.The maximum pay-out on this slot game is 1000 credits per line.

6.For each coin betted, another pay line gets enabled. So, the player is paid for the winning combinations on only those pay lines, which are enabled.

7.On an average, the Return to player works out to 96.5 %.

8.The wins on the Bonus game and the Scatter game are added up to the pay line wins.

Maximum Win

The game can be played with denominations of 0.01 till 0.50 per pay-line. The wager per pay line bet will require from 1 to 5 coins. The minimum betting amount is 0.01, and 100 is the maximum betting amount, which is allowed per spin. So, every game has a maximum betting amount of €100, and this can help in winning a maximum of € 200,000.

Every game on the slot machine will allow the player to choose amongst several coin values. So, the player can wager anywhere between 1 and 5 coins per each bet line, and can bet on 40 lines. While the minimum bet per pay line is 1 coin, the maximum bet allowed is 5 coins on the 40 bet line, which total up to 200 coins.

Where to play Super Eighties Slot?

Well, there are various casinos, where you would be able to play the Super Eighties Slot Machine. But, out of the lot, Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino are the best. They have a reputation of playing a fair game, and the players will get a fair chance in making the maximum earnings.

This was the Super Eighties Slot Machine review. This review was posted for the benefit of the players, who wish to make lots of money by betting. 


April 9, 2012
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