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When it comes to innovatively themed online slots machines, few can hold a candle to the Spy Game Slot Machine. Produced by Rival Gaming Software, the slot offers adrenaline filled excitement, plenty of opportunities to win and flawless gameplay.

It is part of Rival Gaming's iSlots venture which brings a series of storylines which are just as gripping as campaigns on a PlayStation game. 

Theme of the Game

The guys behind the Spy Game concept have got it down apt. The scene opens with the legend "Tonight is going to be explosive" and a James Bond inspired scene complete with gadgetry, women and guns sets you on your way. The storyline has the player acting as a super agent in a top secret agency. It has recently come to light that a secret factory is producing weapons of mass destruction and it is your job to find it and neutralize the operation. 

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How to Play Spy Game Slot

Spy Game is a really immersive slots game and offers 5 reels and 15 pay-lines as well as the most amazing sounds and graphics to spur you along. The game is definitely based around the James Bond adventures but the creators obviously do not have the license to use the brand so as a player you will have to be content with being "Super Spy" working for the equally corny "Super Spy Agency". 

The game gives you a host of symbols which are common fare in spy thrillers including handguns, top secret files, Martini glasses, sports cars, nuclear missiles and (of course) bikini clad women. 

A player is restricted to a maximum of $75 in a wager with five coins worth $1 in each payline. If you need to place a lower bet, you either select a lower number of paylines, number of coins or use coins with lower value. 

The player's first mission is to assemble a bomb. You do this by hitting the three scatter icons. You can monitor your progress using the handy game map button. You progress on to the other two tasks in the game by collecting all the bomb pieces you need. As this is only possible during free spins, you will find yourself at the edge of the seat in anticipation of triggering yet another free spin in order get another crack at the mission. 

Special Features

Spy Game offers a host of special features. For instance, you are in luck if you happen to see the symbol with the Top Secret dossier. It is the Spy Game's wild symbol and it increases your chances of making better winning combinations because, as is usual with all wild cards, it can be substituted for other symbols. It also behaves differently during free spins, giving the player a 3X multiplier when it helps form a combo. 

Another special feature of the Spy Game is the handgun symbol. If you get multiple symbols with it, you have automatic access to another round of free spins. To trigger the 10 free spins feature, you will need to collect three handgun symbols as a minimum. If this happens, you also get a 3X multiplier just like with the Top Secret Dossier symbol.

As if these were not enough, during the same period of free spins, there are extra special feature symbols which appear from time to time. If you collect all the right symbols (there are prompts to guide you on what you need) you qualify for an extra bonus game which includes three different missions in it. 


April 9, 2012
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