South Park Slot Machine - Play for Free

Set in the world of South Park, reel chaos serves as the latest themed slot machine created by Net entertainment. It brings together several famous south park characters / superhero alter egos on to the online slot casino platform.

This slot machine is also characteristic of amazing graphics and an extensively immersive game play which in turn serves as a guarantee for fun and a truly compelling game which any player regardless of his/her preferences can easily enjoy.

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Theme Of The Game

The South Park Reel Chaos Slot Machine serves as the follow up game of the rather incredible yet successful south park slot which was released back in 2013. The graphics are far much better than in the original as already mentioned though not half as much fun. This Slot Machine also brings back our old friends from the town of South Park with the sole intention of entertaining use while spinning for big wins. 

That aside, another very interesting thing about this particular slot machine is the fact that it features the boys as super heroes. What’s more, the studio which creates the south park has presented it to the online slot favorite meaning you can play it for free as well. The best thing about the game is the fact that it has plenty of chaos to offer players especially those interested in entertainment over risk.

This mobile slot machine works as beautifully. Even though you can play in portrait mode, it is strongly advised that you switch to landscape in order to enjoy the chaos of the reels.

How to Play?

South park reel chaos serves as a three row, five reel, twenty line online based slot game. The game is set in such a manner that that the boys are pitted against evil (professor Chaos and his evil minions). Good news is, once impressed with the stakes; all you need to do is simply to press the auto start for a chance to start off the game.

Interesting thing is the winlines are familiar to that of most common slot machines which means you won’t have to worry about having to deal with any strange combinations while playing.

Take note, just like any other slot machine, the real fun action and profits come from taking advantage of the bonus features. The amount of profit also stands to vary considerably between the features especially those which depend on bonus wilds to create wins. 

Special Features

a. Stan’s Multiplying Re-Spin
It is an interesting little bonus which randomly occurs especially after any losing any spin. 

b. Cartman’s Stacked Wilds 
It is another random feature which is triggered when butter’s appears at the top end of the reels
Note: stacked wilds can be very profitable. In fact, even with two rows you should expect a rather huge win. With three expect a very good pay out.

c. Kyle’s Overlay Wilds 
Though it is not as lucrative as the cartman’s stacked wilds, its winning potential is equally high. It is triggered by blasting anywhere from three to five symbols.

d. Kenny’ Multiplier
Though is it not the most profitable random feature, it still serves as a guarantee for good fun nonetheless. It is triggered following a battle which awards eitherX3 and X5 on the present winlines which in turn increases your chances of winning. 

e. The Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins
It is triggered by the mutant creature which lands on reels one, three and five. It serves to help you hit several different bonus features which in turn earns you the player some very good returns.

Maximum Win

Using the five reels and the twenty fixed winlines, the stakes available on reel chaos range from as low as 20p up to £100 for every single spin.

Where to Play this Slot

The South Park Reel Chaos slot machine is full of features randomly occurring as well as those triggered by special bonus symbols which come up in the course of the game. All of these collectively help keep the anticipation high while at the same time doubling up as the reminiscent of other slots such as the Worms which depends on a similar random bonus system in order to keep the entertainment constant. Simply put, the best place to try out this slot machine is either the Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino.


April 9, 2012
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