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Many slot games are based on the popular movies, especially those that had massive hits. For instance, the Pink Panther slot machine is one game that is quite popular on the internet casino. It is an online video slot game that has the theme of the popular movie with the same name, the Pink Panther. The iconic cartoon and the inspector are all in the game, along with amazing graphics. Basically, it is the same experience with the movie, only that here, you have a chance of winning multiple bonuses. 

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How To Play?

This is a 5 reel game that has about 40 pay lines that you can use while playing. All you need to do here is click on the buttons. There is an option of playing for free, but if you want to play for money, you will need to sign up for whichever casino you are playing in, then make your bets. You can bet from as low as a dollar, to a maximum of 400 dollars. 

If you need to place the currency, you will click on the button, Click to Change, then choose the bet you want to place on the pay lines. You can place the bets on the pay lines, which is also flexible, but if you want to earn more in return, you can use the Bet Max button to place your highest bet. When you are sure of all the bets, the only thing left is to click on Spin. This will spin the reels and all the letters, objects and symbols will be displayed. When you get letters that are similar on the same screen, especially on one line, if they form a pattern, then you will win more coins. You can choose of Gamble, if you have won in the spin.

Special Features 

The game has 5 different bonus rounds, which come with free spins. These bonus rounds will be triggered by the Gamble feature. When using the gamble feature, the players can double their wins when they have spinned. These 5 bonus features will include the Inspector, the Pink Panther, together with some other characters. They include the following;
• The Crack The Pink Code: This one will bring out 10 safes, which will be randomly opened by the Pink Panther. From the safes, you can win multipliers, free spins or more wilds. 
• The Pink Pow. This one will be generated randomly, whereby, the wild symbols will pop up.
• The Pink Trail. This feature will have the Inspector following the Pink foot steps and every step will earn you some cash.
• Wheel of Pink. This comes with two wheels, the inner one will give you re-spins, while the outer one will earn you some coins.
• The Color Pink. Here, Pink Panther and the Little Guy will paint a certain number on the wall, which be combined, then given to you as coins.

Maximum Win

The Pink Panther also has 2 jackpots, the Minor Pink and the Major Pink, which are achieved when you play the bonus game. You will not need to set coins in order to trigger the bonus games, since they are generated randomly. When playing the actual game, you will be needed to open some random doors, which have special characters. If you find 5 Pink Panther characters behind the door, you will successfully clinch the Major Pink jackpot. The maximum win is the Major Jackpot, which is equivalent to about 100,000 coins. 

Where To Play this Slot

The Jackpot Paradise Casino 

This is one of the leading casinos and it is available both for the mobile devices and the PC. Powered by the Microgaming Platform, the Jackpot Paradise will give you a whole different experience with your game. Other than winning cash when playing, you will also be awarded some bonuses when you sign up. For instance, there is a 30 free spin bonus that is awarded to every new member, when they register. 

The Vegas Paradise Casino 

Another leading casino that gives new members special bonuses like $200, for every sign up, also there is a 100% deposit bonus for every first deposit. The graphics of the casino are quite captivating, thanks to the amazing software that runs the game. There is more to enjoy at the Vegas Paradise Casino, other than just the game bonuses and cash.


April 9, 2012
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