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Online casino slot machines offer opportunities to win big payoffs and many people have made this type of gambling their professional career. However, playing in online casinos does not require much skill and the rules are very simple. Mr. Vegas slot machine is one of the popular games gamblers can play in any reliable online casino.

Named after the renowned gambling Vegas, this game promises to bring the city direct to your environment regardless of the location. It offers various unique features, bonuses and multiple opportunities to rapidly increase the amount of payoffs. Nonetheless, players should be very cautions when choosing online sites which offer this game as some do not provide the best experience

Theme of the game

Mr.Vegas slot machine is not different from any other slot available in the casino world albeit with a unique aesthetic theme that will please anyone who interacts with it. The sleek flashy colors of its swift navigation are laid on a rather relative backdrop.

The theme comprises various icons and symbols characteristic of slot machines and special features that are only found in Mr. Vegas. The picturesque city of Vegas, tall buildings and golden shines all provide an exhilarating hue and rhythm fit for the 3D graphics.

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How To Play?

To play the 2 Million BC Slot machine game, you get started by choosing a wager. You can adjust your bets to any number within the range of 1 to 150 credits. The game allows a minimum bet of $0.02 and you can bet within the range to a maximum bet of $0.50 per line. This means that for the total 30 pay lines, you can bet a minimum of $0.60p (30*0.02) and a maximum spin for the game is $75 which is 5X per line (5*0.50) for each of the 30 pay lines.

The main character in the game is an exciting caveman with his club – who will cheer and jump up every time you win a prize and get to go some cart wheel cheer every time you land on a bonus. He will also yawn and look impatient every time you take too long to play your next move. As you play, your aim is to attack and shoot the saber-tooth tiger. By doing so, you get to win lots of cash.

Special Features

The 2 Million BC slot machine game comes with a host of special features and bonuses. For a start, every time three camp fires appear on your screen at a go, you get to win a bonus free spin. A free spin activates night mode and the caveman gets to sleep as you spin. This is an exciting twist to the game. A winning combination can also yield up to ten free games.

Another major bonus reward that you can win is the Saber-Attack. You win the Saber-Attack bonus every time you get three acorns symbols on a spin. The Saber-Attack enables you to hit the saber-tiger with more precision.

Another great bonus opportunity that comes with this stone-age slot game is the “Diamond Bonuses’. The diamond bonuses reward you with a multiple increase on your bet. Every time you hit three diamonds on any active pay line, you win a bonus of 40X your bet. The diamond bonuses get even better. If you are lucky to get 4 diamonds in a spin, you win a bonus of 100X your bet and finally, if you are lucky to hit 5 diamonds, you get a reward of 200X your bet.

Besides these bonuses, the diamond rewards also include a bonus round that is played on a different screen. In the bonus round, you select a way of grabbing a huge diamond that is located at the saber-tiger’s nose. If you are successful in grabbing the diamond, you win a passionate night for the caveman with his choosiest heroine.

Maximum Win

The game’s jackpot is 500 coins. You get to win the jackpot if you are lucky to hit 5 stone-age heroine on any active play line. However, the Jackpot is not progressive.

Where To Play this Slot

Two of the online casinos that we recommend for playing the 2 Million BC slot game are the Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot City Casino. These Casinos provide the best experience in terms of service and have great offers and value features.


April 9, 2012
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