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There are many casino jackpot games gamblers can choose to play and while each is associated with lucrative profits, not all provide the same payoffs. Mega Fortune is one of the most popular jackpot casino games available today. It is quite renowned for the highest jackpots ever awarded and offers numerous opportunities to win hefty profits.

The Mega Fortune slot machine presents players with an easy game to playa and the betting amount range is quite attractive. Here is a descriptive review of the game including theme, features, payoffs and instruction on how to play.

Theme of the game

The main feature that attracts many to Mega Fortune besides big jackpot opportunities is its theme. The game is offered in a glitzy lavish theme that features all the glamor of riches. Some of the icons you will find in any Mega Fortune slot machine include limousine, yacht, champagne and crisp dollar sin as well as trees and buildings.

The game also features a couple of casino cards and other fancy looking icons. As the most paying jackpot in the internet casino world, Mega Fortune has a fitting theme that emphasizes nothing less than luxury and big income.

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How to play Mega Fortune

Playing the Mega Fortune slot is very easy although mostly suited to seasoned gamblers. This game is basically a 5 reel video machine slot that has 250 different paylines. The game begins once a bet has been made and the start (spin) button pressed.

A minimum bet of €0.25 is required and the maximum bet size is €50. Players can hit the jackpot regardless of their bet size. The game has three progressive jackpots in total, two of which are localized and therefore have varying payoffs depending on the location. Playing mega fortune offers a chance to win big as there are many random free spin features and bonuses to stash up payoffs.

However, these bonuses and features are unlocked after landing scatters and special multipliers. Playing is as simple as betting, spinning the wheel and waiting on the special bonus features to start popping up in addition to the winning combinations that are identified on the playing counter. 

Special features

Mega Fortune is the highest recommended jackpot game in the internet and is offered on NetEnt microgaming platform that offers unmatched user friendliness. A special free spin feature is available once players hit 3 different scatters within the main game. These free spins also come with multipliers that can increase winnings five times.

Two more scatters in the free spins retrigger the feature adding up to the number of spins players can hit with one bet. The Mega jackpot slot is activated by three bonus wheel symbols. This new game is the chance to win one of the great jackpots.

Mega Jackpot is the main progressive jackpot with payoffs exceeding €4,000,000 while Minor and Rapid jackpots are localized and exhibit varying capped winnings.

Maximum win

Mega fortune slot machine is known to award winners hefty amounts and the jackpots open up to incredible profits. Anyone can win playing this slot and the bet size does not influence how much a player can get. Even those betting with the minimum size have been able to win top prices.

The free spins can also be retriggered several times to reach the maximum €107,000 win available for that category. For the progressive mega jackpot, players can win up to €4,000,000 which is simply the highest ever paid in the history on internet gambling. The localized jackpots also offer a great chance to win large amounts.

Where to play

Playing mega fortune can be quite exhilarating and also has a high chance of leading to rewarding profits. However, online casino games are only as good as the companies and sites offering them. Not all casinos have the same experience and even if all of them claim supremacy, only a couple have the capacity to offer what gamers need.

It is therefore important to carefully choose the site where you play mega fortune. Some of the best sites include Jackpot Paradise and Vegas Paradise although there are many other reputable platforms. These sites offer swift navigation, efficient gaming software and are also known to pay winners without any delays. What’s more, they have some amazing bonuses and special gaming features that improve the experience. They are also credible licensed businesses regulated by recognized gambling authorities.


April 9, 2012
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