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Playtech has been developing many innovative and amazing slot games over the years. Among the great adventurous games from Playtech is the King Kong slot machine. Below is a close analysis of this captivating game.

Theme of The Game

The theme of the game is based on the legendary 2005 King Kong Hollywood movie. First released in 1933, the 2005 remake follows an overly ambitious film maker who travels to Skull Island. While at the island, he encounters Kong, a giant gorilla that he and his crew capture and later display in the New York City with quite tragic results thereafter. Characters and scenes featured in the King Kong slot game are same as those in the film giving players a chance to re-live the movie while at the same time getting to win themselves some good cash.

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How to play

There are currently two online versions of the game, one with 20 lines and the other 50 lines. These two versions are quite identical in play and features with only variations in the form of cost per spin. The overall objective of the game is to get to match symbols that are identical across your active players, from left to right. Players have the chance of making bets that range from a penny to 5 dollars per line with a total bet of $100 at any one spin. Symbols in the game, as is with most poker rank symbols, move up from nines and tens through to aces and kings. Higher value symbols are as you would expect, represented with the King Kong movie characters. 

The game starts in the jungle mode which takes place at the King Kong home of Skull. After triggering and playing the Skull Island bonus games, you are moved to City mode that has new music, different backdrop and the City Tower bonus game. Completion of either of the bonus games moves the player back to the other mode that keeps the play rather refreshing and lively and not repetitive. 

In the game, King Kong the movie character plays the role of the wild symbol in place of any of the normal symbols making winning combinations. Wild symbols may also combine to win huge pries for the player. If the player spots the Kong, that is the 8th Wonder of the World logo 3 or more times on the reels, an instant scatter price ranging from 5 to 100 times of the spin’s wages is won. This also triggers a bonus round in the game.

Special Features

Special features give King Kong the appeal and excitement that comes with it. Different special features are available in both the Jungle mode and also in the city mode. In jungle mode, you get 2 opportunities of earning bonus cash. The first chance comes when you hit 3 or more Kong symbols anywhere on reels of a given spin. When this occurs, the Wild Jungle Respins mode is activated and you earn 3 free spins. A much better chance of winning the free spins may be attained whenever a wild symbol shows up on the wheels putting you in a much better position of getting some huge wins. This feature may also be triggered during the free spins. However, 3 spins are generally more than enough for earning good cash in this bonus round.

In jungle mode, the Skull Island bonus may be triggered whenever one hits 3 or more Kong logos anywhere in the reels. This mode allows you to pick hidden locations on the Skull Island in order to reveal any of the many monsters of the island. Matching three of the same dinosaur automatically qualifies one to winning between 10 to 20 of the original bet placed on that spin. Finding the King Kong on the Island will give the ultimate 30 times of spin bet prize.

Big City Mode has more of the same bonuses. Hitting 3 or more Kong symbols earns 3 free spins. On each spin, multiple reels are entirely wild with the first and fifth reels on the first spin, second and fourth on the second spin, and finally in the final spin are reels three and five. Matching three or more Kong logos gets you to play the City Tower Bonus. In the City Tower Bonus, you get to play the role of King Kong with three chances of taking down a plane while standing atop a tower. The planes will be attacking you just as in the movie and taking down any of the planes in the 3 chances gives you a special price.

Maximum Win

To attain the biggest possible win on the King Kong slot machine, you got to match 5 of the wild Kong symbols in the same pay line. This will give you a whopping 7,500 coins, the maximum jackpot offered in the Kong Kong slot machine.

Where to Play this Slot?

King Kong slot machine may be played at Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casinos for the best experience. Feel free to play the game at any of the above casinos.


April 9, 2012
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