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Jewel Quest is another unique casual game slot that has been developed by Cryptologic. It features cascading symbols with bonus prizes. The theme of the game is that of treasure hunt, although it does not have paylines and reels. Symbols on a Jewel Quest slot machine include gems, idols, jewels and statues. The game gives off the Indian Jones type of feel.

While playing it, you will see symbols of stone carvings that are commonly found in Egyptian tombs. The controls resemble sand stones and the compass. All these combined with various icons in the background add much credibility to the main theme of the game.

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How to Play

Jewel Quest is a dollar slot game with bets on the slot machine set at an increment of $1 to $500. This is one of the best betting ranges. The aim of the game is to match three or more symbols on the screen, either horizontally or vertically within a set time. Symbols are systematically removed and new ones put in place, creating a new opportunity for you to win.

When a square on its grid form part of the winning combination, it turns gold. After completing a level, you win a bonus prize before moving on to the next level. The game allows you to set the speed at either very fast, fast or normal. To play the online slot, choose a bet with the right and left arrows that are next to “Bet” and click on the “play” button.

The game becomes more difficult as you go up the levels. Similarly as your level rises, you also earn more with every win.

Special Features

1. Bonus: Unlike other games, this one does not have a bonus feature. However, upon completing a level, you will receive between 10.61 to 21.15 times your bet value. Note that after starting a level, it is not possible to change the bet level before clearing the progress. You must therefore be cautious while choosing your bet size. It is possible to change the best size after completing a level without any penalty, although your bet will ultimately lose all progress. You can also win a cash prize instantly if you manage to have five symbols turning gold.

2. Payouts: The jewels have different payouts starting at a combination of three to eleven. Gold is the highest paying jewel as it pays 200 to 2000 times the bet size. The second highest is the green jewel which allows you to earn 1000 times the size of your bet for the combination of 11. The game has 90 different winning combinations and this gives you a lot of chances to win on each game.

3. Free Spins: You will acquire extra points for every match whether it was intentional or due to another match. In addition, each time you earn 50000 points you get an extra life. 

Maximum Wins

Unlike other slot games where a bet is placed per line, while playing this game, you can decide the much you would like to bet per spin. This can be between $1 and $500. The maximum win per single spin can only be 2000 times your bet. The top jackpot can therefore be as little as $ 2000 and as much as $100,000. It all depends on the level of your bet.

Where to Play this Slot

If you want to have the best experience while playing Jewel Quest, you should go to the best casinos like Jackpot Paradise Casino and Vegas Paradise Casino. The two have a reputation for offering the best services in terms of security, customer service, multiple cash out options and graphic as well as software robustness.

Jewel Quest is a five-level game exciting casual slot game that has added a completely new dimension to casual slot machine gaming. It quite is entertaining and the more you play the more you will find it appealing. Moreover, the online version has an advanced auto-play made which enable you to learn how the game is played.

Its unique payout and presentation style makes it to stand out among other slot machine games. If you want to try a unique, challenging yet interesting machine slot game, this Jewel Quest slot machine review will provide you with the best information as you make your decision.


April 9, 2012
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