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Jenga is a slot game from Cryptologic that is based on the popular game of towers. You are presented with a tower of wooden blocks, and you are a required to remove blocks from the middle and place them at the top in order to grow the tower and send it even higher.

It has a rather chilled out and mellow theme that makes it very interesting to play. You can remember playing it at the local club or from when you were a kid, but the experience that you will have at the casino when playing it will be more fun.

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How To Play?

Playing Jenga slot machine is quite interesting and easy. It is a zero reel game that has 18 paylines and it works in a very similar manner to how conventional slot machines work. Since there are no reels, you are required to choose paylines that are lined up for particular colored blocks.

If you happen to have a payline that has a winning combo, the blocks will be removed, and then another set of blocks will be placed on top. As you play, the tower will continue going up and up. If it gets too tall, it may collapse, and as a result you may win a free game. 

Special Features

This slot machine has lots of amazing features that make it very interesting. It has bonuses that make the gaming experience great, for instance wilds, free spins and scatters. They keep you occupied with the game, so there is no way you will ever get bored.

The free spin feature gives you a great extra slot bonus even if the scatters do not happen to fall directly into the payline. If you use this feature properly, it can pay off really well. It allows you to win without putting your gambling balance at risk. The wilds that this game uses can replace any value or character in the payline, something that gives you more ways to win. 

Maximum Win

Jenga slot machine allows you to win up to 50,000 X line bet for every game round. When you start playing, 54 colored blocks that the tower is comprised of will appear on the screen depending on the game speed you will have selected. Every row of these blocks corresponds with one of the paylines because they fall into 18 layers of three blocks each. Winning combinations are usually based on matching three colored blocks on every active line. The maximum payout that you can qualify for is $1,000,000. 

Where To Play this Slot

There are two casinos that will guarantee you a great gaming experience when playing Jenga, and they include Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino. Vegas Paradise was established in 2014, and it already has earned great positive feedback around the internet as well as a fair following of gamers. It has a wide range of games to choose from besides Jenga, generous bonuses as well as great customer service. Jackpot City Casino also offers a good looking and great gaming experience with a wide variety of games to choose from. You will enjoy playing whether you are a novice player or an old timer. 


April 9, 2012
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