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Much like its predecessors of Blade, Incredible Hulk and Electra, this protagonist has made a smooth and successful transition from comic book to slot machine. With its addicting special features that draw the user into a world outside their own, Iron Man’s graphics are the best one can hope for and the sound effects, combined with the music impact, entice the user to continue to play and refuse to stop.

Whatever you are looking for in the slot machine of your choice, Iron Man offers it. It takes the attractions of the comic book and movie of Iron Man and transfers it into an unforgettable slot machine.

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How to play? 

Iron Man is a highly user-friendly slot machine which can enable even an amateur to feel like a pro in a matter of hours. Like any slot machine, you begin by deciding how much you will bet and then give the reels a lucky spin. Bets range from 1 pence all the way to 1,250 pounds. 

You can change your bet amount by clicking on 'Click to Change’ denomination button. This button can be located in the lower left-hand corner. 

Since Iron Man is played with 25 active lines as a fixed number, your total bet per game will be your line bet multiplied by 25. In other words, if you want to bet $1,000, you will be $40 for each line bet. As a result, it will give you $1,000 total bet.

Reels can be spun either by clicking on 'Spin’ or using the “Auto Start” function.

Special Features (such as free spins and bonus features)

In addition to the exceptional and state of the art graphics, sound effects and music, special features like the scatter icon, missile attack bonus, mixed pay bonus, 25 paylines, expanding wilds, pick-em bonus and wild symbol are all objects which should gain your affection. In addition, the superb animations will transport you back to the fun the comic book and movie brought to you or your children. 

Missile Attack Bonus Game – Once the user reaches three or more Iron Man icons, the missile attack bonus game will be activated. In this game, the user must shoot down missiles in order to receive random, but absolutely delicious, prizes. Often hailed as the highlight and best feature of the game, this will have you chasing a plane while trying to destroy the missiles dropped out of the plane. Each missile destroyed brings its reward of credits for you.

Wild Icon- This lovely and desired feature allows a wild icon to cover the entire reel, however, you only obtain the wild icon once either of your two Iron Man icons become stacked on either the second, third or fourth reels.

Mixed Pay Feature- Another top, and potentially debatable best feature of the entire game is the mixed pay feature because it provides the opportunity to receive a bonus of up to 750 times the line bet. An invaluable bonus and asset needed to score big on the jackpot. You achieve this by mixing up the Iron Man symbols. 

Wild Symbol- The wild symbol has the ability during the game to stand for any other symbol with the exception of one…the Scatter. The wile symbol is a treasured prize because it will enable you to make the best winning combinations, therefore increasing your payout. Additionally, it brings with it a separate payout if you gain two or more of the wild symbols on any given active payline. If you gain this payout, it will substitute the payout of the regular symbol but only if the payout amount for the Wild symbols are higher than those of the regular symbols.

Like electronic game, particularly slot machines, the more you play…the more you win. As a result, you should know there are multiple ways to win free games on Iron Man. There is only one way known that you can win free games with Iron Man and that is by achieving three or more Scatters on the reel in any position. If you achieve this, it will release 10 free games.

Maximum win:

For the players willing to take a risk and play the paid version of the game, Iron Man is among many of its brothers in slot machines when it comes to the organization. Iron Man is connected to the Power-Extra Power-Super Power-and the Ultimate Power jackpot series. Therefore, your amount of winnings would determine where you fall in that tier.

A total of $627,080 can be won in the Marvel Ultimate Power. The Marvel Super Power offers a jackpot of $11,432, while the Marvel Extra Power provides the lowest payout jackpot of $2,194.

Before you place your bet, you must understand there are two types of betting and before you choose, remember the differences and benefits. The two types of bets are a line bet and a total bet. Getting these two mixed up can prove very costly to you. If you are on a budget, you need to concentrate on the total bet. 

The line bet reflects your amount that is being bet on a single line. The total bet is the overall total of your bet on the round of the game you are playing.

Where to play?

If you are merely looking for fun or looking to win big, you will find it all contained in Iron Man Slot Machine. For game enthusiastic, beginning or low wage gamblers, all the way up to large jackpots, it offers something for everyone. Read to play? You will find this adventure at Vegas Paradise Casino or Jackpot Paradise Casino. Play, bet, spin, win and enjoy. You are….Iron Man.


April 9, 2012
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