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Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is a B2B supplier of many casino games throughout the world. There are over 200 games available through NetEnt, which are all regulated by a Random Number Generator.

As a global industry, NetEnt promotes diversity, with a wide variety of games from different cultures and eras. The game in review is the Funky Seventies Slot Machine game, located at the link above. This is a great game for a player who is also a lover of the Classical 70’s period, where visual and audio stimulation ignite the groovy senses!

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Theme of the Game

The theme of the Funky Seventies Slot Machine game is exactly what one would think the theme would be: The funky seventies! The play table allows the consumer to be immersed in the classical 70’s epoch while playing a video slot machine on Pictures, otherwise known as the Scatter symbols, are displayed on each reel. These Scatter symbols include the traditional disco ball, hip go-go boots, the classical 70’s Mustang, music tapes, and more!

How to Play?

As a part of the online gaming varieties offered by NetEnt, over 100 video slot machine games can be found among many other casino games. The Funky Seventies Slot Machine game is a unique offer, which comprises 5 reels and 4 rows of pure Funky Seventies!

In order to play the slot machine games, the player simply clicks on the green circle with the spinning arrows, and the slot machine automatically rolls. The bet level is automatically set to 1, which is a bet of 40 coins if the player begins the game in this way. The player can then choose to place a higher bet level and maximum bet. If the customer desires, he/she can place a higher bet before spinning the reels, which doubles by another 40 coins, each time the bet level is increased. There is up to 500,000 coins available to the player at the beginning of the game.

This game extends for 40 bet lines, and the player can place a maximum bet up to Euros100 per game. The player can visualize the amount of bets they have placed in the oval located at the bottom left corner of the game, and their winnings at the bottom right corner of the game.

Special Features

Within the Funky Seventies Slot Machine game, the player can win up to Euros 200,000 in free spins. In order to get a free spin, the customer needs to have 3 Scatter symbols displayed upon a roll. Having 3 of these Scatter symbols will qualify them for 5 free spins. In addition, the player receives twice the win with these 3 Scatter symbols.

There is another bonus feature offered with the Funky Seventies Slot Machine, called the Stacked Wilds feature. There are multiple 70’s Wild symbols on each reel. When this Wild symbol appears, the consumer is able to receive a better chance for higher wins. The player with the highest win per bet line is paid. As of note, the Wild symbol does not substitute for any Scatter symbol.

Another feature available to the consumer is a toolset, comprising of a game settings icon (wrench), where the participant can choose to add sound effects or background music to the theme songs. There is also a mute button, if the player does not wish to have any music playing during their adventures with the Funky Seventies Slot Machine game.

Furthermore, a help icon (question mark) is available, containing all rules, definitions of game terms, advanced auto play options, as well as translations for this particular game’s terminology. Finally, an AutoPlay option is accessible to the participant, which is also explained in detail under the help icon. All of these additional features are located at the bottom left corner of the screen for this game.

In order to view more details about the rules for the Funky Seventies Slot Machine game, as well as how much each symbol is worth, the consumer can click on the “playtable” button, located under the far left reel.

Maximum Win

The player begins with 50,000 coins. The maximum win for the Funky Seventies Slot Machine, is Euros 200,000. The player achieves this maximum win by making free spins throughout the game. A bet line is paid to the consumer, if the Scatter symbols appear on the reels from left to right.

Where to play this Slot

In addition to playing the Funky Seventies Slot Machine video game on the valued customer can also access and play the Funky Seventies Slot Machine at the Vegas Paradise Casino and Jackpot Paradise Casino.


April 9, 2012
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