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The theme of Football Star Slot Machine is based on the beautiful game of football or soccer if you like. A player is treated to the same experience that is witnessed in a real soccer stadium. For instance, a large soccer stadium, lush green field, noisy and excited fans, two opposing teams composed of 11 players on each side, and of course match officials who comprise of a referee assisted by assistants(linesmen).

For ease and convenience, there are many soccer-related symbols that appear during the game. These include football stadium, game logo, soccer sneakers, red cards, yellow cards, scatter ball, match officials, t-shirt and much more.

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How to Play?

The goal of the game is to maximise on the payout during the entire game. This is achieved by acquiring as many matching symbols as you can. The more you get the higher your payout. 

To do this, a player has to acquire at least 3 matching symbols as he moves from the left side towards the right.

The game comes with several ways of earning the payouts and effectiveness of each method will depend on player preference as well as skill. To view the available options a player needs to look at the Pay table by clicking the buttons labeled View Pays. The buttons are located on the control panel section next to the other buttons.

Special Features 

Football Star Slot Machine comes with a range of rewards that not only encourage playing but also make it more exciting. One way of enjoying the rewards is through use of the scatter ball that gives you access to rewards that include bonuses and spins. Rolling Reels is one of the common rewards that allow you to receive several winning combinations from one free spin. In addition, it awards you a bonus round that can multiply up to 10 times. 15 to 25 free spins can be earned just from the scatter balls.

Maximum Win 

Football Star Slot Machine is rated among the highest paying games in the market. The long term average payout is 97.30% while it comes with as many as 243 ways of winning. Compared to other payline-based slot machine games, winning in football star is much easier. This is made possible courtesy of its 5 reels and wild logo. The wild logo can be used any several reels (3, 4, 5) and can replace any other game icons. Up to 40 wilds can appear anywhere and at the same time thereby increasing the player’s odds of earning a pay.

Where to Play this Slot

Football Star can be played in several sites anytime and from anywhere. However, the experience from one casino to another varies greatly. It is thereby necessary to identify a good site. This entails looking at several aspects that include; reputation, gaming platform, experience, nature of reviews, online support and much more.

Some of the casinos that are known and standout include Jackpot Paradise Casino and Vegas Paradise Casino. These two sites are revered for providing good playing platform, timely support, and reliable support. In addition to quality Football Star Slot Machine game they also offer exceptional customer service.


April 9, 2012
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