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If you like scuba diving and other underwater activities then you are going to love this game. The background is filled with cute fishes and numerous sea creatures. You are going to feel like the sea is just near while you are enjoying this slot machine. The graphics are pretty stunning as players look to win the hidden treasure here. In fact, the graphics alone would make this game virtually addicting.

You are going to want to wear your scuba gear on like a mad fan while playing this slot machine as the graphics would make it appear like the real thing. Whether you are someone who likes going underwater or someone who likes games in general, you are going to love this game one way or the other. You are not going to regret trying this one out as it will get yo hooked from the start.

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How to Play?

There are 20 available paylines in the Crystal Waters Slot Machine. You are free to play all 20 of them or only one at a time. In order to make the selection, just press the directional buttons placed near the Lines button. Keep in mind the default bet is $.05 but the app lets you make that higher or even lower depending on your mood. Just like any other slot machine, you can start the game by clicking "Spin". Also, all five reels will stop once again just like all slot machines.

When you see the combination, you can go to Help and check out the amount you won according to the matching symbols that show up on the machine. It is one game that is truly addicting that you won't notice how fast time flies by while you are playing it. If you know how to play slot machines in general, then you more or less know how to play this one.

It is not hard at all to learn it as you will enjoy winning cool prizes in no time. It is best to play this with friends as all of you can engage in a friendly competition to see who wins the most as this game is based on pure luck so anybody can come out on top.

Special Features 

Keep an eye for that lucky yacht as you are going to get 15 spins when you get three of them. You can be the boss of the Crystal Waters Slot Machine as you got the option when they will stop spinning. It won't matter if they keep on spinning after an hour or after a few seconds as the decision is completely up to you when you want it to stop.

The app can let the game spin for you as all you have to do is use the Autoplay feature. After that, you just have to sit back and watch the machine and see if you win after a few seconds. You can also look forward to an additional 15 games when 3 or more yacht symbols appear after you spin. It is something worth looking forward to as everyone likes a little bit of fun. There is also a random jackpot in the game so you can look forward to getting surprise when you win a nice prize.

Maximum Win

The maximum amount you can get in this slot machine is unbelievably 4000x your bet when you hit the turtle/dolphin combination. If you get that on your first try then it must be your lucky day so those are the two sea animals you must look forward to seeing. You can use that as motivation when you play your next game. It is definitely a combination you can look forward to seeing every time you press that Spin button. You can just hope it will be in your favor so better bring all your lucky charms.

Where to Play this Slot

Crystal Waters Slot Machine can be played at the world-renowned Vegas Paradise Casino. For those looking for a change of scenery though, it can also be played at Jackpot Paradise Casino. You will feel very comfortable playing this game in those casinos as they offer great service and delicious food so you can eat while you enjoy the game. The game is absolutely free.


April 9, 2012
I have broken up the many different video slots that I am featuring here into different sections. This section is basically a miscellaneous section with cute themes, sports themes and more.

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