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Playing in online casinos can be very exciting besides the fact that you can win incredible prices from minimum bets. Although there are many casinos to play in, not all of them offer the best experience and keen consideration should be taken when selecting such sites.

Catch Anna Chapman is a popular slot that online gamblers can play. This spy game offers various interesting features and lucrative bonuses that are easy to land. Catch Anna Chapman slot machine offers players a chance to enjoy music, navigate through picturesque graphics and hit a number of bonuses while spinning reels.

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Game theme

Catch Anna Chapman offers a luring theme filled with different spy-type icons and symbols. The multicolored backdrop is laid beautifully to provide a forefront with gun symbols, FBI badges, agent icons and different ammunitions. The game has a theme fitting of its nature and all symbols are conspicuously placed. It relatively simple to spin through and liked by both novice and seasoned casino players.

How to play

Catch Anna Chapman slot machine is basically a 5 reel video game with 50 different paylines. It is produced by Viaden and has been available for quite some time. Playing this game is very easy and bets can be made from $0.01 to $0.25 per line. Playing begins once a bet has been made on the flexible paylines and the spin button pressed. There are various features including wild cards and scatter symbols that allow players to land bonuses. Some common features include the Auto spin which relieves players of the need to personally spin the reels and Betmax which bets in all the 50 paylines.

Special features

Catch Anna Chapman is known for its many winning features. There are 2 wild symbols that appear in reel 2 and 4 to replace all payline symbols to lead to more spins. The scatter feature allows players to change all other symbols with exception of the bonus game. The bonus feature is represented by FBI badges and hitting three such symbols trigger capturing the spy. An additional gamble feature is included for every time a player wins something. This feature basically prompts the player to gamble and stand a chance to win more or collect the price as is. 

Maximum win

With the Catch Anna Chapman slot machine, one can win up to $250 regardless of their bet size. However, the special bonuses and gamble features offer an opportunity to multiply these wins and attract higher payoffs. Besides, the $250 can be won on all paylines thus adding up to an incredible payoff especially when the Betmax and Auto-spin features are used

Where to play the game

As aforementioned, there are many casinos that offer Catch Anna Chapman slot and all have different experiences. Vegas Paradise is the most recommended site to play the game. They provide a fully optimized gaming interface and also use efficient payment systems. Jackpot Paradise is another highly reputed online casino offering this slot and they also have unmatched unique experience. When choosing online casinos, aspects of the payment system, swift navigation, user-friendly interface and credibility are very crucial. Both sites are licensed and credible with straightforward gambling policies.


April 9, 2012
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