Cashblox - Free Video Slot

Sometimes it's more fun to play a little puzzle game than it is to play a simple slot machine. That's where the Cash Blox slot machine comes in to play. This is a great slot machine that offers a unique twist on a traditional game.

It's one that requires players to create the right combinations on a puzzle screen to win big. Think of it as if this were a variant of sorts on the famous Tetris video game but with the potential to win a good amount of money off of it.

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How To Play?

The game requires a player to place a bet from twenty-five cents up to ten dollars. The player will then see a series of bricks in different colors and shapes coming from the top of the screen. The player needs to move the pieces around into the proper patterns to get the best possible payouts. These patterns that do match up will disappear as they are gathered. Over time, the player will have to match the right combinations until the screen is filled with too many blocks.

Players can win by getting more complete lines around the field. A player can even get one's winnings multiplied by getting more consecutive lines taken care of.

The game particularly works with various random bricks that will come around throughout the game. A game can even last as long as needed but this will all be based heavily on how well a player is able to complete the many lines and other features all around the game.

Special Features

Free plays can be won within this game. The Cash Blox video slot will provide players with free games by winning with a pair of multi-colored lines. A player can get ten free plays by getting these lines to be completed. The player can re-trigger the special feature as many times as one can while playing with these free plays. Also, the free plays will be worth the same amount of money that the initial bet was worth as those plays started up.

Maximum Win

A player can get up to 400 times one's original wager on this game. This can come from quadruple formations where four or more items are matched up at once within a game. This is a challenging move to make but it can be done if the player has enough skill and luck on one's side. The maximum win can also come about regardless of the total amount of money that a player is spending on a single game on this particular slot.

Where To Play This Slot

The Cash Blox slot machine is a very unique game but it can be easy to find online. The Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise online casinos both particularly have this game. These casinos offer plenty of fun ways for all to win big while offering a unique way for all to potentially win. All players should see what these casinos have to offer when looking for some of the most unique games to check out in today's online casino world.


April 9, 2012
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