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A superhero faithfully defending his country, the USA, and one of the most beloved marvel superheroes, Captain America is now on your favorite slot machine. This is the newest and one of the most appealing title not just only to fans of marvel comics and movies, but also to other slot machine player who chasing for an attractive slot machine with a twisted sequence of story and elegant video scenes. You can now enjoy and feel the action in every spin that you make in this new Captain America Slot Machine. You don’t need to be a fan of this superhero or even have watched the film to feel this slot machine. The hero and the super villain emphasize the theme of the game.

The excitement playing with this game starts on a standard format with 5 reels and pay lines of 20. The minimum betting requirement is $0.01 on every pay line while the maximum betting capacity is $5.00 each pay line. You can get the maximum possible wager of $100 per spin. Based with those parameters, this game is probably better than other most especially those beginner and novice players. The gameplay of this Captain America Slot Machine is very similar with other titles of Cryptologic making it suited and easy for beginners. With a numerous prizes of not just wild, but also bonus symbols appear, it is undoubtedly that you will never get bored while playing this Captain America Slot Machine.

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How To Play?

How To Play?

To start the exhilarating game with this slot machine, you will need to place your bet, and then you can click the Captain America Shield with a printed word “SPIN”. The reels will now start spinning until reaching the halt. It will show 15 different symbols on the board. The aim of this game is to have same sets of symbols lining up on different 20 pay lines, starting from left to right. If you get it, you win. The prizes that you get will be based with the line bet. It can be also multiplied by the amount indicated by rarity of the set you get which is shown in the pay-table. 

The player can choose how many lines you want to bet. Also, they can bet on each line. Bettor can start the play by means of Bet Max, which the reels will spin immediately with the biggest wager and the highest amount of lines, or you can do the Auto-Spin also which will do the spin for you automatically and of course the manual SPIN button which is the Captain America Shield.

The most exciting part of this slot machine is having a special feature of free bonuses and a lot more. The wild symbols, which you can get while playing this slot machine will serve as a replacement for other symbols that can help you to have the lucky combination, not included the scatter. Scatter Symbol, is the logo of Captain America.

This will be the most-awaited symbol of every player because once you get this symbols, you will automatically entered to the bonus game. Bonus Game, surely, this is what all the players would like to be part of. Trying to break down at least 5 of the planes is the main goal of the Bonus Game. With the assistance of Captain America Shield, you can get the chance to win cool bonuses along with numerous free spins. 

Jackpot is the most wanted part of every player which is included in the Captain America Slot Machine. In this part, you have the chance to win the incredible big jackpots. The biggest amount that you can get while playing this slot machine is 12,500 coins. Also, included in the features of this Captain America is common in every slot machine like free spins.

Maximum Payout

The player can get the highest jackpot prize which is 12,500 coins or $62,500 for striking 5 Captain America wild symbols. The second highest prize is 5,000 coins striking 5 red skulls and 2,000 coins for striking 4 Captain America wild symbols.

The bettor can play this Captain America Slot Machine in different casino near in your place or they can play it through online most especially in the Vegas Paradise Casino or in Jackpot Paradise Casino which both offer best gambling experience and most convenient way to have a casino experience while you are in the comfort of your house. These are some of the best online casino that you can find with high features of security and you can play live.


April 9, 2012
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