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Fruit Salad Instructions

Whenever a 3 reel slot contains special features and multiple paylines, it can quite hard to consider a true classic slot. But that's what it is marketed as, and that is at the end of the day, roughly what Microgaming's Fruit Salad is. This fruity classic slot offers a couple of luscious fruit items, coupled with the usual classic slot icons, all wrapped up with three potential jackpots, and splashed with so much colour you just might go blind playing it.

How to play Fruit Salad slots online

All players wishing to play this classic slot must first choose how many coins they wish to wager, on this 3 reel, 3 payline, slot machine game. The base minimum is $0.25 whilst the highest the coins can reach is $5. Only one coin per line can be staked, but this will adjust the minimum and maximum wagers in the slot to between $0.25 and $15 a piece.

Microgaming has decided to use a mixture of bar icons, and fruit symbols on the slot. Firstly, the bar icons; they come in single bar, double bar and triple bar format, and are worth the lowest payouts of all the icons in the slot. The highest payouts are for the orange zest and pomegranate icons, which are only bettered in worth by the actual fruit salad symbol. 

Fruit Salad slot Bonus Features

This classic slot's fruit salad icon has a double role. Firstly, it acts as a special wild icon. Whenever a fruit salad symbol appears anywhere on any of the active paylines, it will substitute itself for a symbol that is needed by the player to complete a winning combination on a payline. This wild symbol is also the jackpot symbol.

Fruit Salad slot Payouts

Because players are only able to wager one coin per line, this makes finding out what you are likely to be paid a rather simple task. For any 3 bars, players will receive 7 coins, which is the lowest payout in the slot. For 3 single bars, the player is paid out 15 coins, and 30 coins are the prize for 3 double bars. Land 3 triple bars on a payline and the player will win 80 coins. Larger payouts of 150 coins and 300 coins are the rewards for landing 3 orange zest symbols and 3 pomegranates on a payline, respectively.

The Fruit Salad jackpot

The player must line up three of the aforementioned fruit salad wild symbols to win the jackpot. However, there are technically three jackpots, one for each payline. Landing the three symbols on the first payline (central line) will see the player win 1,500 coins. Landing the icons on the second payline (top line) will see them win a larger jackpot of 3,000 coins, whilst the top jackpot is for 5,000 coins and can be won when players match up all 3 wilds on the third payline (bottom line).

Other notes on Fruit Salad

It is worth noting that as a classic slot, the extra paylines and wild symbols don't actually hurt the genre of the slot one bit. Yes, wilds and multiple paylines don't generally belong in a classic slot title such as this, however; they don't increase the amount of money a player has to wager to play.

Gamers will find that they are still wagering the same amount of money on this slot, as they would be on any other Microgaming classic slot that didn't contain wilds or multiple paylines. So the long and short of it is, if the wagers are the same, why wouldn't you want extra paylines and wild icons?