7s and Bars Slot - Free Slot Machines

7s and Bars Instructions

The 7 Oceans classic online slot is a rather baffling little title, designed and developed by Microgaming. Hidden behind the reels and pay tables, is very oceanic blue coloured background, which contains images of sunken treasure and luxurious fish. However, the images used on the reels do not represent the title of the slot at all. What you have here, is a very basic and standard 3 reeled slot machine, albeit with an oceanic background. Is it enough to warrant a new slot, that's up to the gamers really, isn't it?

How to play 7 Oceans slots online

7 Oceans is played over 3 reels and offers just a single payline for gamers to win on. This slot can found in virtually all Microgaming powered casinos, offering classic online slot machines. Coin values in this slot vary from $0.25 up to $5.00, and up to three coins can be staked her game. Typically, this gives this Microgaming classic slot, minimum and maximum wagers of $0.25 and $15 and spin.

You probably won't be very surprised to learn that this ocean themed slot does not contain any special icons whatsoever. Instead players must use the icons given to them to win. Such icons used in this slot are the single bar icon, the double bar icons, triple bar icons, ocean blue coloured sevens, and orangey red sevens, which act as the games logo. None of them give off a very oceanic theme as mentioned, but they are typical classic 3 reel slot icons nonetheless.

7 Oceans Slot Bonus Features

With this being a classic 3 reel slot, in every sense of the term, there are absolutely no special features whatsoever in this slot. Players will take luxury in knowing they can tinker with the wagering options, such as using a Bet Max button, but that's about it.

7 Oceans slot Payouts

The pay table in this slot game greatly depends on whether you wager 1 or 2 coins per spin. Any bar symbols will pay out 9 or 18 coins respectively, depending on how many coins you have wagered. Similarly, three single, double or treble bars will pay out 15 or 30 coins, 30 or 60 coins, and 45 or 90 coins, depending on what you have wagered. If players have wagered three coins, then they might in with a chance to win big money, with the seven symbols.

The 7 Oceans jackpot

Players who have wagered three coins per spin, have a much better chance of winning larger sums of money, thanks to the 7 symbols. Any three sevens will payout 500 coins to the player, whilst 1,000 coins is the prize for three ocean blue 7s. The top jackpot of 4,000 coins is awarded if a player collects three orange 7s, which are also the slots logo.

Other notes on 7 Oceans

Any player hoping to play a classic three reeled slot filled with special features, is probably going to be disappointed here. But they really shouldn't be. This slot simply wouldn't work if special features a plenty were thrown into it. You get what you pay for, and to a certain range of gamers, this slot is exactly the ticket they want.

The graphics are standard for a classic slot game, and although the pay tables are a little jumbled - such as why they don't show the player what they win with three 7s when wagering only 1 or 2 coins  the game is still nicely laid out.

This slot will take most players right back to their golden oldie days. This slot couldn't look and act any more like an old school Vegas slot if it tried. These are the types of games that you used to play in your youth, which you found in the arcades, down the pub and in local casinos. This is a remake from the classic age of slots, and it is fun to play, even if the title of the slot doesn't match up its thematic expectations.