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Pinball Roulette is a unique game that is a variation on the traditional roulette game. This game is offered for real money play at InterCasino.

Pinball Roulette Instructions

pinball-roulette-fun-play This game is presented by BetFred Games. If you would like to play this game for real, you can clickSign Up Now. However, if you want to play this game for fun, click the Fun Play button that is highlighted in the picture on the right.

This is another roulette game that is based off of European roulette. This one has many different twists to it that makes Pinball roulette completely unique.

The first thing that you will see is the roulette table where you can place your bets. This roulette game has the look and feel of electronic roulette because the betting surface is the only thing you can see.


First, select the Chip Size you would like to bet (0.25, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100). You can place bets like you see above as if this were a normal European roulette game. The payouts for all of these bets are the same as well.

There is even the "Neighbours Bets" which are the Announce bets that can be made. If you hover over one of the numbers at the bottom of the table, you will see that 5 numbers will light up. These 5 numbers include the number you are hovering over and the two number to the left and right on the roulette wheel. If you click on this number, you will be placing 5 bets on the roulette table. In essence, you are betting on a portion of the roulette wheel.

If you want to remove the last bet you made, click the Undo Last Bet button. If you want to start over with the betting, click the Clear All Bets button. Once your betting is done, press theBet button to start the game.

There are also 3 options for speeding the game up: Turbo Bet will speed up the process of watching the pinball roulette wheel. The Auto Bet button will play up to 10 games in a row. This Auto bet feature will only continue if you do not win anything on your bet. You can also repeat your previous bet by click on theRepeat Bet button.


Here is a view of the Pinball Roulette wheel. The ball is automatically released into the pinball area. It will take its own course on the way down to the bottom where the roulette wheel is located. The roulette wheel will be spinning from right to left while the ball is on its way down.

You can also see the Roulette table to the right of the screen. Any bets that you made will be present on this table. The roulette wheel will have a Yellow Triangle under every number that is a potential winner. If the ball lands in a number without this yellow triangle, you will lose on your bet.

If the ball lands on a number that does have a yellow triangle, you will have a decision to make. You can either Collect your total winnings or you can choose to Gamble these winnings on the Bonus Round.


Here is the way that the bonus round works: You can Gamble your winnings from your original roulette bet. If you do, you may win up to 10 times your total winnings; you may also win only your money back or lose it all.

Once you click Gamble, the ball will be released into the bonus pinball game. If the ball goes into the Lose area, you will lost your winnings. If the ball goes into the Bonus Ball area, the Lose areas will be removed and you will at least win your money back.

In order to win a multiple of your Total Winnings, you will have to light up the 4 stars. Alternatively, the ball can hit thex2 bumper and you will at least receive a multiple of 2 on your total winnings.

You can play the Bonus Round multiple times; but as soon as the ball goes into the Lose area, the game is over and you will have to bet on the roulette table again.


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