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La Roulette is a unique version of European Roulette where you can be on up to 5 wheels at the same time and receive 5 separate winning numbers. This game can be played for real money at WinADay Caisno.

La Roulette Instructions

This is a European roulette style game that I really like. The first thing that you will notice is that there are 5 rings with all 37 roulette numbers on the roulette wheel. This will be explained in a second.

The betting area of the roulette table is exactly the same as a traditional European roulette. Make your bets on the table by selecting a chip size (0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 25) and clicking on one of the betting areas of the roulette table.

The next decision that needs to be made is how many Wheels are you going to bet on? You can bet on 1 to 5 rings by clicking on the Wheels button. Be aware that you will multiply your original bet by the number of wheels that you have selected. For example, if you place a $1 bet on Black and select all 5 wheels, this will turn into 5 $1 bets on Black.

When you are ready to start, click the Spin button. The marble will start spinning around as will all 5 roulette wheels. Once the roulette ball lands, the inner-most ring will line up with the ball. This will be the first winning number. If you only select 1 Wheel, this will be your winning number.


This will be closely followed by each of the next 4 wheels lining up with the marble. This starts with the inner wheels and ending with the outer wheels lining up with the ball. You will see a place marker land on the roulette table for each wheel that you bet on.

la-roulette-history If you look at the History table, you will see a line between the numbers in the top row if you did not select all 5 wheels. The numbers to the left of this line are your winning numbers; the numbers to the right of this line do not count towards your bet.

As far as the usefulness of the History table, having 5 wheels makes this more difficult to manage. If you are betting on 1 or 2 wheels, it may be easier to look at the first 1 or 2 columns of numbers. But, the only thing I have an easy time keeping track of is Black/Red numbers and Zeros.

You may also find it helpful if a particular number is not listed in the 45 total numbers available in the History. This may mean that you bet on this number because it is "overdue". Or you may find which number in the history has shown up multiple times and bet on that number.

La Roulette Betting

Because there is so many different combinations that are available with between 1 and 5 wheels going, I'm going to give some practical examples of bets and winnings.

First, let's say that you bet on Black and with 5 wheels. In order to win on this bet, you must have at least 3 of the 5 wheels land on black numbers. The same holds true for Even/Odd number betting. Let's say you bet 1 unit on 5 wheels for a total of 5 units. If 3 wheels land on Black, you will win (3 x 2) or 6 units. Having bet 5 units, you will be up 1 unit overall.

Now let's say that you have bet on 1st 12 (2 to 1 payout) and with 5 wheels. In order to win on this bet, you must have at least 2 of the 5 wheels land on a number between 1 and 12 in order to win on your bet. If you bet 1 unit on 5 wheels, you will win (2 x 3) or 6 units. However, if you receive 3 out of 5 winning numbers on a 2 to 1 bet, you will almost double your original bet with 9 units won (4 profit).

I can do these example all day, but it is all basic math so I'm going to do one last example for betting on a single number. If you bet on a single number and 5 wheels, you only need to land on that number once to win on your bet. The payout for a single number is 35 to 1. This means if you bet 1 unit per wheel, you will win 36 units for a winning number or a profit of 31 units. These are the same odds if you bet on a particular number 5 spins in a row on a normal roulette table.



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