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La boule is a unique game that is a variation on the traditional roulette game that is offered by BetFred Casino.

La Boule Instructions

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La Boule is a French game that is similar to roulette. The betting table is much different but similar to betting on traditional roulette table.

Instead of having 36 numbers that have 1 spot each on a roulette wheel, the La Boule wheel has 9 different numbers with 4 landing spots. The ball will spin around the table until it settles down onto one of the two concentric rings. These rings have the numbers 1 though 9 in order twice on each ring.


You can bet on a single number - this will payout 8.4 to 1 on a winning bet.

Four of the the 9 numbers are Black and four of the numbers are Red. You can also bet on Manque (Low - 1 to 4) or Passe (High - 6 to 9). There is also Odd bets and Even bets that can be made. The payouts for all of these bets are 2.1 to 1.

The 5 is a special number in La Boule. It acts like the Zero in roulette. The only winning bet when the ball lands on 5 is any bet placed on the number 5 on the La Boule table. All other bets will lose.

This is a much simpler and more laid back version of roulette, specifically because there are less bets to be made and the payouts are more uniform. This is a fun game to play and I hope that you agree.


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