A Story about Online Casino Gambling

One mistake that most people will make when gambling online has nothing to do with not knowing the game that they are playing. People can practice to the point of being an expert at a specific game, but playing for fun is completely different than playing for real money.

People will go to an online gambling site for the first time and quickly bust out. There are two reasons for this:

1. People react differently to a losing streak when they are losing their money.

2. Many people will have a lapse in judgment when they have been playing for several hours. The games can be wagered on so quickly that a simple losing streak will cause you to bust out because of a lack of patience or betting structure.

People Don't Know How to Bet

We interrupt your free practicing of online casino games to bring you a look at the people who are involved in the mistakes that occur every day. And I’m talking to a lot of people who contribute to the profits of an online casino.

Don’t go looking over your shoulder to see whom I could possibly be referring to. I’m referring to you! The reason people lose in online casino gambling is because they don’t know how to gamble. Most of them know the object of the game they’re wagering on, but don’t really know the things that will give them the little edge they need to win more times than they lose.

Most of all, people don’t know how to bet. When I give lectures on online casino gambling, it is almost frightening to observe the lack of knowledge people have about online casino gambling. Yet they pour their money across the tables, get shellacked, and shrug it off by calling it bad luck.

It ain’t bad luck. It’s stupid play, stupid moves, stupid betting methods, and stupid decisions as to when to leave a table. If you think I’m hinting at the fact that people have a stupid approach to online casino gambling – you got the message.

I don’t like to repeat stories about other people. But this one is so typical of the average online casino gambling player, that the six or seven of you who haven’t heard the story might get a kick out of it. Those of you who have heard it before probably could pass for the lead character, so read it and nod.

Seems I.M. Smart and his wife, Izzy, went to the casinos. He was gonna play craps and she would dabble at blackjack. When they reached the tables, I.M. Smart split the money evenly. He took $900 and she took $100. They then went their separate ways.

At the end of the day they met back in their room and I.M. was down in the dumps. He had lost the whole $900 playing craps and didn’t have a dime left to take Izzy to dinner.

“How’d you do at the blackjack tables?” he asked.

“I lost the $100,” she replied, which sent him into a rage.

“How could you blow the whole $100? Are you so stupid that you lost all that money in one day?”

In as nice a way as she could put it, she asked: “But how about you? You lost all your money.”

As typical a reply as could be expected from this pompous boob rolled off his tongue, “Yeah, but I been playing for years. I know how to play.”

This story comes to mind every time I see the I.M. Smarts of the world saunter up to a table, spread bets all over the layout, have absolutely no concept of money management, and get whacked.

And usually you’ll hear this bag of wind offering tips to other players at the table as to how to play. If you fall into this category of blowhard boobs – then it’s time to take a second look at your online casino gambling approach.

I see these types every day in the online casinos and have to listen to their stupid tales of woe. But I always remember who they are and try to avoid them.

You would not believe the number of I.M. Smarts who have told me that the main reason they lose is because their wives are with them.

If you think I’m gonna mention their names, you’re not playing with a full deck. But rest assured, there are dorks that blame anyone they can think of – except you-know-who.


April 20, 2012
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