Hi-Lo Card Games

This section of Free Gambling Game will include all of the different Hi Lo games that I have found. The game is also called High Low and Hilo among other names; but all of these games have the same basic theme:

In all of the games listed below, you will be picking whether a number or playing card is going to be Higher, Lower and sometimes Between the options shown. You will win a different payout based on the difficulty of achieving a win.

For instance, if you are playing Hi Lo and a Queen is on the board, only the King is higher. The odds of drawing a King or Queen is not that good, so the odds you will get when you bet Lower will be very low. You can expect about 1.1 times your bet won or $10 won if you bet $100.

The one thing that you must watch out for is making sure you know whether the Ace is High or Low. In most games, the Ace will be Low. Some games, the Ace will automatically be High.

The home game of In-Between will make you call the Ace (either High or Low) if it was the first one dealt, otherwise the Ace is High. Red dog is the casino version of In-Between; in this game, the Ace is always the Highest card possible.

Free Hi Lo Flash Games

Draw High Low
Genie's Hi Lo
High Low
Hi Lo Gambler
Hilo Shuffle
Hi Lo Switch
Red Dog (In-Between)

I have been looking for an In-Between flash game that acts like the home game where you can call the Ace either High or Low. Other than that, I really don't expect to find too many other different variations on this game.

You may find that one of these games might not be functioning on a particular day. If this occurs for more than a single day and a game appears to be broken, please email me here.


March 1, 2012
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Hi Lo Games

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