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You can play Perfect Pairs Blackjack at MG casinos such as JackpotParadise or RiverBelle Casino.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack Instructions

First, click on the chip denomination to place a bet for your hand. If you would like to make a Perfect Pairs wager, click on the Betting Area to select it. Then, click on the chip denomination to place a bet there. Click Deal when you are ready.

The rules for the blackjack game are the same as Vegas Strip Blackjack: Blackjack pays 3 to 2 payout, the dealer must hit Soft 17, you can Double Down on any two cards. You can only split one time and you will only receive 1 card dealt on split Aces.

The Perfect Pairs bet has three possible payouts: Mixed Pair pays 6 to 1, Colored Pair pays 12 to 1, and Perfect Pair pays 25 to 1.


The Mixed Pair is two cards of the same rank, but one card is Red and one is Black. The Colored Pair is two cards of the same rank and the same color, but the two cards are not the same suit. The Perfect Pair is two of the exact same card; this is possible because the game uses 6 Decks of cards.


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