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Double Exposure Blackjack Instructions

The big advantage that you get playing is that both of the dealer cards are dealt face up. This is a 6 deck blackjack game, but don't bother counting because the cards are shuffled before each game round.

The dealer will stand on soft 17 or higher and must draw cards to 16. A hand will automatically stand when the card total is 21. A hand wins if its value is closer to 21 then the dealer without going over.

For having this advantage, the Blackjack has been reduced to even money (1 to 1). This is a big disadvantage to the player, but the Blackjack will still beat the dealer's 21.

However, the other big advantage for the Dealer is that he wins all ties, except for tied blackjack. This means that having 17 in Double Exposure is kind of like having 16 in normal blackjack; you have to hope that the dealer busts in order to win.

Still, you have a lot of easy decisions to make with this game. You can use a basic blackjack strategy card to make your decisions. Since you can see the dealer's cards, you shouldn't be making many mistakes.



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