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Choice Blackjack Instructions

The first thing you will need to do is select a table number. The difference between the 5 tables are the minimum and maximum stake or betting limits.


You will see two cards dealt. You will need to make a choice between taking one card over the other. This will become your first card and the other card will become the dealer's card. You will see a different rate of return based on the advantage or disadvantage that you have over the dealer.


The advantage of taking the worse card is getting a higher return. Since this was my first hand, I felt like giving the big underdog a try. Now that I have an ace, there wasn't a really big decision to make. I can't bust, so I will take the hit. The one thing that you will notice is that there is no Splitting or Doubling Down in this game.


I receive the 6 for a 21, but the dealer still has a chance to tie. So, the dealer draws until he gets 17 and I win the hand. The dealer will stand on soft 17.


After this hand is settled, you will go onto the next hand. If you do not move the stake arrows, your winnings will be combined into your next bet. You will again have another choice to make. The Returns will be higher because of your additional money contributed.


This process will repeat itself for 5 hands. You can change the stakes at any time during these 5 hands that you play. When these 5 hands are all completed, you will be taken back to hand 1 and the game will repeat again.


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