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Blackjack Switch is another fun blackjack game that has unique rules that you will have to adapt to. This game is offered by Playtech casinos like Europa Casino.

Blackjack Switch Instructions

You will be required to place a bet for two hands. Each hand will be played against the dealer. The big advantage that you will receive is that you will have the ability to switch the 2nd card dealt for each hand. These two cards will be the only two that you can switch; you cannot switch the first cards that are dealt.

You will have the options to Switch before you make any decisions on either hand. You will be allowed to split, double down, hit and stand, just like normal blackjack. The dealer will hit on Soft 17. However, there are several rule changes that gives some advantage back to the casino.

First, the Dealer will be allowed to peak for Blackjack before you can make your switch. This way, if you don't already have a blackjack, the dealer is going to win. Second, the dealer will Push with a total of 22; the only exception to this rule is that a blackjack will still win. Finally, the Blackjack will only pay 1 to 1.

Because you have control over whether or not to switch, it isn't possible to give a proper strategy chart for all of the different options that you will have. My best suggestion is to always try to get 20's and blackjacks whenever possible. You will also want to set yourself up for good double down opportunties such as 10 or 11. These are the times where you have a great advantage over the dealer.

You want to make sure that you get the easy ones. Then, the strategy is to play efficiently enough to take advantage of when the dealer busts. Just like normal blackjack, you will want to do the most damage whent the dealer is weak with a 4, 5 or 6.

The dealer pushing on 22 is going to be the most aggravating part because you can hit or double down to 21 and still push. The most pressing issue is making sure that you give yourself the best chance of winning one hand. This will essentially mean you are even on the hand. You will either have to double down, split or win both hands in order to be up overall.

Example Hand

Here is a good example to show you how you can benefit from switching the cards:


So, you could choose to just continue and stand with 12 and 19. But, you could switch the two cards and receive a Blackjack and 10 which will automatically guarantee that you will win at least one of the two hands.


So, now that I have switched the cards, I do not need to act on the hand that has blackjack. Since the dealer has a 3 showing, however, I should take this opportunity to double down. The worst thing that will happen is that I will lose on that bet and I will lose out on half of my bet overall. The upside is that I can go three units up with the good odds that I am receiving.


Everything works out for this hand. Had the dealer received a 9, he would have gotten 22 for the push on my double down. There was only a slim chance that the dealer would have gotten a 20 or 21 for the win. You have to try to double down in every good situation like this. Because of the other rules, (pushing when the dealer has 22 and the 1 to 1 payout on blackjack) you need to do this in order to win in the long run.


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