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This Perfect Pairs blackjack game can be played for real money at Cryptologic casino such as Intercasino.

Blackjack Pairs Instructions

Blackjack Pairs is played the same as Vegas Strip blackjack. The only difference is that you can also play a side bet called the Perfect Pairs bet. The only way that you can win on this bet is by receiving the same ranked card twice in the two cards that you receive from the dealer. For example, if your first card is a Queen, the second card also has to be a Queen in order to win.

The one thing that I like about Cryptologic software is that the game rules has all of the pertinent information that you would need to know. This includes the number of decks used (5 decks), the number of hands that you can play (1 to 5), the Dealer will Stand on Soft 17, you can double down on any two cards. If you receive a perfect pair, you can only split it one time for a total of 2 hands. Split Aces will receive only one card on each Ace. In this game, you are allowed to Surrender and receive half of your original bet back.

Perfect Pairs

You will receive a 5 to 1 payout for a Mixed Pair (example - Black Ace and Red Ace). You will receive a 15 to 1 payout for a Colored Pair (example - King of Diamonds and King of Hearts). You will receive a 25 to 1 payout for a Perfect Pair (example - two Jacks of Diamonds).


As with any side bet, the house edge is going to be higher than the regular bets. Since you are playing Perfect Pairs, however, you probably will want to try a $1 bet. Otherwise, you should just play the regular blackjack game.

The overall odds of receive any pair is going to be about 8%. The odds of receiving a colored pair is about 4%. The odds of receive a perfect pair is about 2%. All three of these payouts have at least a 10% house advantage.


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