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Blackjack Duel is a unique blackjack game that will need some proper explaination before you get started. This game is found at Playtech Casinos like Europa Casino.

Blackjack Duel Multihand Strategy

You can play multiple hands at the same time (up to 3 hands). However, I would suggest that you try this game one-handed at first until you get the hang of it.

The first thing to do is click on a chip size. Then, click on the Ante button. You can also place a bet on the 2 Up Sidebet which will be explained later. Then click on the Deal button.

You will be dealt two cards: one face up and one face down. The dealer will be dealt two cards face down. There will also be two community cards that are face up.

You will have to choose one of the two community cards or choose to fold your Ante. If you choose the Left card or the Right card, you will be forced to place a bet that is the same amount as your Ante.

After you choose this card, you will get the choice to Hit or Stand. You will either receive a 2 card or 3 card total. You cannot hit again. If you go over 21, you will automatically lose.

The Dealer will then turn over his first card (the card on the left of the screen). The Dealer will also choose one of the two community cards. After comparing his total, he will choose to either hit or stand.

After this, his point total will be compared with your point total to determine a winner.

Dealer Qualifying

The Dealer will need a three card total of 13 or higher for you to win on your second bet. If the dealer has 12 or less, you will only win on your Ante bet. If the Dealer busts, you will automatically win on both bets.

Practical Example

Take a look at the hand played below and I will explain how this works.


First of all, I placed a £5 bet on the Ante. Then the cards came and the missing card in the picture was face down. I choose to place a 2nd bet on the Left Card and then choose to Stand, which gets rid of your second card dealt. I have a two card total of 20.

Then, it is the dealer's turn. He flipped up a 5 for his first card. It's lucky that these two cards weren't the other way around becaue then the dealer would be able to get a Blackjack and win. The Dealer choose to play the 6 in the community cards for a two card total of 11. He then choose to hit and received an Ace for his final score of 12.

Because that is less than 13 points, the dealer does not qualify. So I receive the £10 which I placed on the two bets back and have a £5 win on my Ante bet.

21 Duel Strategy

One thing to note is that the dealer has a preset list of instructions and will not base his decision off of what you do with your hand. In one hand that I had, I had a two card total of 10 points and hit an ace for the third card. The dealer choose to take a straight 19 and Standed without taking the third card. This makes sense since there is the option for multiple hands. The dealer needs to follow his own set of instructions.

I haven't completely figured it all out yet, but primarily the dealer will take a hit with 12 or less and stand when they are able to make 17 or more with the first card and the community card. If the dealer has the choice of taking an 5 or 13 with the two community cards, the dealer will take the two card 5 total and take the hit. The dealer will bust very rarely and will only do so when they get forced to hit with an undesirable 2 card total between 12 and 14.

It might be intimidating to see an Ace up on the community board and you don't have a 10. Just remember that there is only a 30.7% chance (4 out of 13) that the dealer will pull a 10 with his first card.

The only times that I would suggest folding outright is when you will be forced to take a two card total of 13, 14, 15 or 16. These hands are not worth the extra bet in order to hit and bust or stand and get outscored. For example, the worst case scenario is that your first card is a 6 and the two community cards are both 10's. Then, you should fold immediately. You shouldn't throw good money after bad in order to try and chase a lucky card. Just get the dealer the next time around.

2 Up Side bet

It may confuse you at first, but the 2 Up Side bet is very simple. You will have to match two out of your three cards you play in order to win a 3 to 1 payout. If all three of your cards match, you will win a 20 to 1 payout on the wager you placed on the 2 Up side bet.


If you are going to play for real money, I would advise against playing just about any side bet that you are offered. The only exception is when that side bet will have a progressive jackpot that you can try to win like Caribbean Stud or Let It Ride. Generally, side bets always have the worst odds.

With this side bet, I will break out the odds for you. You will start with one card; the odds that one out of the two community cards will match this card is about 15.5%. The odds that the third card that you hit will match one of the first two is about 12%. When you combine those together, the overall odds of matching 2 cards is about 27.5%. The payout is 3 to 1 when the true odds are closer to 4 to 1.


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