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europa-bj-strategy-card This multi-hand blackjack game was provided by Europa Casino. You can play up to 5 hands of blackjack at the same time. This is a version of European Blackjack.

The blackjack card to the right can be used to develop your strategy for playing correctly. I would like to thank for allowing me to borrow it for this game.

Playtech 5 Hand Blackjack Instructions

Select a chip size. Then click any one of the 5 places to place a bet there. If you make a mistake, click Clear Bets or else click Deal to receive the cards.

The two most important things to remember with this game is that the dealer will stand on soft 17 and the dealer will not check for blackjack when he is showing a ten. Also, you will not be able to resplit your cards and you only receive one card each when you split aces.

Why Should I Play Multiple Hands at the Same Time?

The basic premise behind playing more hands is to be able to risk more money without putting all your eggs being in one basket. You are less likely to go bust when you have multiple hands with smaller bets.

The upside is having a good shot of winning most of your hands when the dealer goes bust after showing a 4, 5 or 6.

The big downside is not knowing when the dealer has a blackjack when he is showing a 10.

For that reason, I would avoid doubling down when the dealer is showing a 10. You want to minimize the risk of losing a lot on one go around.




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