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atlantic-city-blackjack-strategy-card The version of Atlantic City Blackjack can be played at online casinos that use Cryptologic software like VegasParadiseCasino.

Atlantic City Blackjack Instructions

First, click on the chip size that you want to bet. Then click on one of the circles that say Click to Bet. Then click Deal to receive the cards.

This is an 8 deck blackjack card game. You can play between 1 and 5 hands at the same time. The dealer will stand on Soft 17. You can double down on any two cards. You can only split one time and you only receive one card on each hand when you split aces.

Other than that this is pretty much the same as other blackjack games. Your strategy is going to be a little bit different than the Vegas Strip blackjack that is offered at most online casinos.

The one feature that I really like in this particular version is that you can click the Auto-Strategy which will perform the proper strategy of hitting, standing, doubling down and splitting.

This proper strategy can be seen to the right side in the Atlantic City blackjack strategy card. This card was provided to me by


The Difference between Atlantic City and Vegas Strip Blackjack

#1 - Atlantic City blackjack uses 8 Decks. Vegas Strip Blackjack uses 4 Decks.

#2 - Atlantic City blackjack allows Late Surrender. Vegas Strip blackjack does not allow surrendering.

That is it. The dealer stands on Soft 17, you can double down on any 2 cards, and you can double down after a split. You can split 3 times to make 4 hands. Aces can only be split once, each split ace only receives one card, and a split ace and 10 is a 21 and not a blackjack.


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