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Pop Bingo Instructions

Pop Bingo combines a 90 ball bingo game with the look and feel of a keno game. However, this game is not keno, but more like a scratch card in terms of odds. This is because you will average between 85 and all 90 balls being "popped".

There isn't a whole lot of instruction necessary for this game. The first thing that you need to do is choose how much you are willing to wager. Press the + and - buttons to increase or decrease the amount. Tickets cost between $0.10 and $100.

If you don't like the numbers on the Bingo Ticket for some reason, you can press New Card and receive another 90 ball bingo ticket. When you are ready, click Play and the balls will pop up into their place on the board.

The object is to completely cover you bingo ticket in as few pops as possible. When a number on your ticket is popped, the number will be covered on both the ticket and the board. You will see the counter go up as soon as you start the game.

Above the board and ticket, you will see the payouts. You will need to get a maximum of 86 pops to profit on your ticket. If it takes you 89 or 90 pops, you will not win anything on your ticket.


February 5, 2010
Two new gambling games added today! You can now play Baccarat and Casino War. More games will be added as soon as possible until we have all the major gambling games covered.

Jan 30, 2010
Free Gambling Games is born. We know have a total of 6 games for you to play. No registering, no email address is necessary. Just come on in and have some fun playing you favorite gambling games!

The original six gambling games are Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, and Bingo. All these game are in flash and will require Flash player to play.

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