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Bingo Instructions

This is a pretty simple game to play. You will have the option to "buy" up to three tickets. The ticket price is €2.00 in Fun money each. In order to select a ticket to purchase, you must click the Select button at the bottom of the bingo ticket. If you don't want that ticket, click the Clear button.

When you are finished selecting your tickets, you will need to click the Buy button. You will have the option to draw one ball at a time. To do this, click the Next button every time you want to reveal a ball number. You will be able to draw 30 balls in total.

You can also select the Finish Draw button to quickly reveal the remaining numbers. If you do not want to have to draw the numbered balls, you can select the Auto Draw option above the Paytable.

This game is styled off of the American style of bingo. Each ticket will have three 5x5 grids with numbers on them. These numbers will correspond to one of the 5 rows. Row 1 will have numbers between 1 and 15. Row 2 will have numbers between 16 and 30. Row 3 will have numbers between 31 and 45. Row 4 will have numbers between 46 and 60. Row 5 will have numbers between 61 and 75.

For each ticket, you will have all 75 numbers on your card 1 time. 3 grids multiplied by 25 numbers per grid is 75 numbers. You will not have the same number twice on a ticket.

As the numbers are drawn, the corresponding number will be covered on the ticket. First, the covered number will turn Light Blue. Then if you get 4 out of 5 numbers in a line, the numbers in that line will turn Dark Blue. If you complete a line of 5 numbers, these numbers will turn Red and you will have won on this ticket.

The amount that you win for a line depends on how many numbers that were drawn before you completed the line. Take a look at the Paytable in the bottom right corner to see how much you will win.


February 5, 2010
Two new gambling games added today! You can now play Baccarat and Casino War. More games will be added as soon as possible until we have all the major gambling games covered.

Jan 30, 2010
Free Gambling Games is born. We know have a total of 6 games for you to play. No registering, no email address is necessary. Just come on in and have some fun playing you favorite gambling games!

The original six gambling games are Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, Video Poker, and Bingo. All these game are in flash and will require Flash player to play.

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